HCG 4.56 Progesterone 19- Positive Stories?

:):)Such great news!!!

That’s great news! :slight_smile: Let us know how your ultrasound goes.

Yay! That’s fantastic news :slight_smile:

Congrats Babylove!!!

Dr called back today and I guess my progesterone now is a bit low at 14. It was 19.5 last week. So I’m starting an oral supplement tonight. Anybody know what side effects for that is like? I hear a lot say severe dizziness. Hoping that and nausea won’t be too awful, but whatever makes this bean stick! I’ve been a little worried since I got the call, but they don’t seem super concerned. And for some reason I’m always worried about an ectopic- but that usually isn’t seen with an HCG rising so well right?

Tomorrow morning is third beta! Hoping all looks well!!

Looks like I’m a little late but congratulations and good luck tomorrow!

Appreciate all the wel wishes! :slight_smile: so the lineup is as follows-

9/24- 4.56
9/30- 360

And today…

1320! Woohoo!! Hoping the progesterone supplements do the trick and the ultrasound in two weeks looks good!

Congratulations, Babylove!! That’s so exciting! :smiley:

Congratulations babylove!

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