He likes the Trendy.

My So likes the trendy boy names:

[name]Mason[/name] | [name]Kason[/name]
[name]Jayden[/name], [name]Jaiden[/name], [name]Jaidyn[/name]
[name]Ayden[/name], [name]Aiden[/name].

I’m not going to really fight with him about his choice of names because it’ll be an on going battle for the years to come. I’ve decided to add them on to the list if anything. Any of the names do you think I should get rid of? Not looking get rid of them all because, in my head that’s an option for some of you.

I don’t really like any of them! Sorry! But if you have to keep some, I would keep [name]Mason[/name] and [name]Aiden[/name]. [name]Both[/name] are popular and trendy, but [name]Mason[/name] is solid, and [name]Aiden[/name] is a strong Irish name. The others aren’t my style at all ([name]Kason[/name]?)
Sorry if my opinions are harsh!

  • [name]Athena[/name]

I would keep [name]Aidan[/name]. This spelling. Despite its popularity and the myriad of trendy spellings, down in its core, it’s a charming, handsome Gaelic name, and the meaning, “little fire”, is just amazing, imo. If the only name my SO would consider would be something trendy, if I could get him to agree on [name]Aidan[/name], I would consider it a pretty good compromise! The Biblical [name]Jadon[/name] is very handsome, imo, too, and I’ve loved it for a long time, but there’s conflicting opinions on pronunciation ([name]JAY[/name]-duhn, JAH-duhn, etc.), and I wouldn’t want to pronounce it wrong.

[name]Mason[/name] and [name]Kason[/name] are nice, but too surnamey and overdone for me. It’s probably silly, but I just can’t get into [name]Cason[/name]/[name]Kason[/name] because the door to the freezer where I work was produced by a company called [name]Kason[/name]. I can’t really see it as a child’s name for that reason, lol. And [name]Mason[/name] is the second most popular name in the country.

I do love [name]Aidan[/name], though!

[name]Mason[/name] is the only one I’d keep. I’d take [name]Aidan[/name] over [name]Aiden[/name] and [name]Ayden[/name].

The only one I would keep off that list is [name]Aidan[/name] (this spelling but [name]Aiden[/name] isn’t awful) because it’s a very cool Gaelic name with a great meaning.

Maybe your SO would like [name]Adrian[/name]/[name]Adrien[/name]? It has the same feeling and sound as [name]Aiden[/name]/[name]Aidan[/name] but with less popularity.

I too would keep [name]Aidan[/name] and [name]Mason[/name]. I think they’re the most likely to ride the wave of popularity and not sound really dated in 20 years.

I love the name [name]Aidan[/name], it’s a great name so I guess I can understand why it became so popular. I wish [name]Aidan[/name] wasn’t so popular. Lots of people on here say it shouldn’t matter if you really love the name, but I just feel like it is over the top popular. [name]Mason[/name] is nice too.

I really love [name]Aidan[/name] (this spelling).

I’d keep it on the list.

I’d probably do what I did with my husband who likes a similar style: try to wedge in names with a similar rhythm and -en/-an/-on ending I find more palatable. So instead of [name]Aiden[/name]/[name]Jayden[/name]/[name]Kason[/name]/[name]Mason[/name] etc. he went for [name]Aidan[/name]/[name]Owen[/name]/[name]Ronan[/name]/[name]Samson[/name] which I can deal with more.

Out of those options, I would keep [name]Aidan[/name] and [name]Mason[/name]. None of them are really my style but [name]Aidan[/name] is a handsome name with a great meaning. [name]Mason[/name] is alright. I would try to keep him away from [name]Kason[/name]-territory if I were you!

I also would only keep [name]Aiden[/name] and [name]Mason[/name]. And if you have to keep one of the Jaydens…I’d keep this one (not [name]Jaiden[/name] or [name]Jaidyn[/name]). I’m not crazy about [name]Kason[/name] either.

I love the name [name]Kason[/name]. Its somewhat trendy, but not too popular. I know at least 10 Aidens and Jaydens, too popular for my liking

Trendy names that aren’t too bad:


[name]Mason[/name] is the best of the bunch. I don’t like [name]Aiden[/name] or [name]Jayden[/name].

There is always so much hype about popularity, but actually, I have only met one [name]Jayden[/name] and one [name]Aidan[/name] in the past five or six years - both about 2nd grade now. I love the name [name]Mason[/name] as well - but haven’t met one. I met a little [name]Grayson[/name] - cute as can be! Making the popularity list simply means a higher percentage of all of the boys in the US where given that name, but that may equate to 1000 of the thousands and thousands of babies born across the country.

I was going to say exactly this!

I love the name [name]Aiden[/name]/[name]Aidan[/name]. [name]Even[/name] though it is extremely popular, it still is a very masculine, handsome Gaelic name. I’d keep that one for sure. I have never been a fan of [name]Mason[/name] or [name]Jayden[/name]. I really don’t like [name]Kason[/name]. Sorry!

I’m another advocate of the [name]Aidan[/name] spelling. [name]Mason[/name] is okay too.

[name]Kason[/name] is a cool unqiue name! I would keep [name]Ayden[/name] aswell