He refuses to change his mind!!

So my bf [name]Noah[/name] and I are having our first child- a boy. We had agreed to let go of the name [name]Eros[/name] and think about other names…but every name I suggest to him he doesn’t like. He tells me that he still wants to use [name]Eros[/name].

We had been thinking about the name [name]Bram[/name] but we decided it wasn’t unusual enough for us.

He is now refusing to change his mind about [name]Eros[/name]. He says he can’t imagine using any other name for our son. I still really like the name but I’m afraid our son will get teased.

What should I do??? :frowning:

~ [name]Amanda[/name]

I saw your post about this name a little while ago. I might sound stupid but how do you pronounce it?

I get what you mean about the man being stuck on one name, your not alone, my hubby was stuck on [name]Gunner[/name] for ages! I guess I just told him exactly what I thought, I did it tactfully and said that I felt strongly about my dislike for [name]Gunner[/name]. However because you like it I don’t think this will work for you, but honestly it’s not a bad name…I don’t think I would expect the child to get teased. If you start to feel more strongly about not using it then just tell him straight out that you would feel uncomfortable with a child named [name]Eros[/name]… sometimes though you just have to compromise, maybe find a name that can have the nickname [name]Eros[/name]? :slight_smile:

Good [name]Luck[/name]
Gracen xx

All I can say is that, personally, the name for a child should be loved by both parents. It should be equally loved by both. Your bf refusing to change his mind is immature.

@peakaboo- It’s nice to know I’m not alone :slight_smile: But yes I am starting to feel uncomfortable with it (at least for a first name) …maybe we could possibly use it for a middle name???

@livytoo- yes lol He is being a little immature but most of the time he’s not like this- this is very rare for him since usually he’s a very laid back person. He just really loves the name.

I think [name]Eros[/name] is nice and I would be super impressed and pleased to meet one, though I can understand your hesitation as I would only like to meet one, not actually have one haha. [name]How[/name] about something like Aero? It has a similar vibe to [name]Eros[/name], but may be more usable for you? [name]Emrys[/name] is another idea. I do think [name]Eros[/name] is really cool, though, so if you both do love it I think it could be very cool and wearable.

@indianruby- thank you for your suggestions! :slight_smile:

This is a joint decision, not one party demanding to have their way. If you don’t like it then stand your ground it is your baby too. I agree with livytoo it is immature to demand like that.


I agree that naming has to be compromise - so you both need to be willing to look at and talk about different names.

I personally love [name]Eros[/name], it is a great name - I understand that you are concerned though I’m not sure I see anything obvious to be teased about.

Kids will tease and make fun for so many different reasons and pretty much any and every name can be made fun of for some reason. I wouldn’t discount the name for this reason - but that is just me - I have come to the realisation that finding a name that both parents agree on is extremely difficult (at least for my DH and I) so it would take a lot for a one of these precious jewels to be tossed aside.

[name]Eros[/name] is the word of origin for erotic and erotica I think? I wouldn’t agree to it either. It’s not that you are getting your way on a different name just that there has to be consensus between the parents. Maybe look at other gods names or roman (I think it’s roman!) names and then you can go back and say “as much as I like the name, I don’t want to use it because … Have you thought about similar names such as …” rather than just a straight out NO!

I do think that there could be a teasing factor and I would think that this kind of teasing may get to a male.


I think it’s pretty handsome but I would always assume that little [name]Eros[/name] would be Greek - I’ve spent a lot of time in Greece and know of a fair few guys named [name]Eros[/name]. I think I prefer [name]Bram[/name] to [name]Eros[/name] - what about [name]Adriel[/name] or [name]Avram[/name]?

You should both love the name equally and if you aren’t 100% on [name]Eros[/name] then you shouldn’t use it. I’d say if it means so much to him put it in the middle name spot.

I think [name]Eros[/name] has too much baggage and teasing potential to use as a first name. Put it in the middle spot to placate your bf if you must but personally, it’s loaded with so much macho swagger that I would refuse to use it outright. It would be a hard name for any boy to live up to in my opinion.

I’d use it as a cool middle name or pick a different first name with a similar feel. [name]Enzo[/name], perhaps?

Thank you all for the comments! I had quite the talk (again) with my bf and he seems to understand that we [name]BOTH[/name] need to agree on the first name. He has agreed to using [name]Eros[/name] as the middle name but I just hope he doesn’t change his mind again later! So before he can do that I will have to find a name he (and I) likes more than [name]Eros[/name] for the first spot! Thanks again!! :slight_smile:

I usually don’t say kids will be teased for names, and I am usually totally for unusual names but [name]Eros[/name] is VERY bad.

I am really glad that your boyfriend seems to have come around. If he shows any sign of changing his mind back, you have to remind him that your son would be doomed to have “HEY, [name]LOVE[/name] GOD!!!” hollered at him every time he walked down the hall in high school. That would get old really fast, especially if he ever went through an even slightly awkward phase.