Heard these two names at Target today...

Brenjamin (I am not even kidding)
Halix (?) pronounced Hay-lix



I am not really sure what to say about Brenjamin. Halix sounds like it could be a code-word for something dirty. There are so, so, so many real names out there, why do people have to make ones up?

Also when I hear wierd names like this I am baffled how TWO people agreed that it was a good name (I am assuming both parents are usually involved in naming). Maybe a lot of guys are a very different than my husband when it comes to names. If I suggest something just a little wierd, or tell him a name I heard his response is “that is not a name”. I always say “it is now, if someone named their kid Halix, then it’s a name!”

For some reason Brenjamin concerns me more than Halix”which tells you something. Brenjamin is beyond yoonik. Halix is just plain odd. It sounds sort of Sci-Fi. Poor little people!