Help! Baby boy due any minute - final four name poll.

See the results of this poll: Which name do you like best?

Respondents: 28 (This poll is closed)

  • Dean David: 0 (0%)
  • Everett James: 13 (46%)
  • Henry David: 10 (36%)
  • Oliver David: 5 (18%)

I voted for [name]Henry[/name] [name]David[/name], but [name]Oliver[/name] was close behind. I love both!

[name]Love[/name] [name]Henry[/name] [name]David[/name] and [name]Oliver[/name] [name]David[/name] the most.

I vote for [name]Henry[/name] [name]David[/name]…congrats and good luck (:

I like [name]Henry[/name] the best of your names, but can I suggest that you consider a non-two-syllable name for the middle so that you don’t end up with 2-2-2- — [name]Henry[/name] [name]Oliver[/name] or [name]Henry[/name] [name]Everett[/name] are both just great.

Ditto! [name]Henry[/name] is my favorite name on your list, but I voted for [name]Everett[/name] [name]James[/name] because of the flow. (I love [name]Oliver[/name], too, I thought that [name]Oliver[/name] [name]David[/name] had too much V.)

Good luck! :slight_smile:

[name]Everett[/name] [name]James[/name] definitely because it is a strong, handsome combo and I love the nn of [name]Rhett[/name] and also because although I love [name]David[/name] I don’t like the double D of middle and surname that you get if you make [name]David[/name] a middle name.

[name]Love[/name] the names.
To me, [name]Dean[/name] [name]David[/name] doesn’t flow nicely together.
[name]Love[/name] [name]Oliver[/name] [name]David[/name], but again the flow is a little off.

[name]Henry[/name] [name]David[/name] sounds great, but by far [name]Everett[/name] [name]James[/name]!
Great name and sounds well put together :slight_smile:

Good luck!!! You have some great names so whatever you choose will be awesome :slight_smile: