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[name]Hi[/name] everyone!

No babies yet, but I am a huge name fanatic!
I have a bunch of names I love and can’t narrow down my choices and it drives me nuts! I like having something in mind for my future unborn children…haha.
I was wondering if you can help me figure out some good combinations for these names. I’ll list all the names I love (there’s quite a bit) and maybe you can list some combinations.
First and middle names for sure, 2 middle names if you wish :slight_smile:
I’ll put a star beside the ones that are currently my favourites for first names although you don’t have to stick to this.

[name]Rae[/name] (would probably use as mn with [name]Luca[/name])
[name]Madelyn[/name] “[name]Maddie[/name]” or “[name]Lena[/name]”
Everleigh “[name]Evie[/name]” or “[name]Ever[/name]”
[name]Emerson[/name] “[name]Emmy[/name]”
[name]Finley[/name] “[name]Finn[/name]”
[name]Frankie[/name] (maybe [name]Francesca[/name] as full name?)
[name]Addison[/name] “[name]Ade[/name]” or “[name]Addi[/name]”
[name]Marlowe[/name] “[name]Marley[/name]” (love the nn)
[name]Vivienne[/name] “[name]Vi[/name]” or “[name]Vivi[/name]” (love the nn)
Kherrington “[name]Kara[/name]” (love the nn)
[name]Mikaela[/name] “[name]Mika[/name]” (love the nn)
[name]Georgianna[/name] “[name]Georgie[/name]”

Thanks so much!!!

[name]Luca[/name]* - I have always known this is a boys’ name, however it is feminine enough to be used on a little girl, and I love the sound of it. The quirky nn [name]Luke[/name] has a lot of spunk, too. You may also like [name]Lucia[/name].
[name]Rae[/name] - feels a bit [name]Billy[/name] [name]Rae[/name] to me, but works nicely in the middle. I do think [name]Mae[/name] has a softer, nicer sound though, personally.
[name]Kaia[/name]* - I adore this name! I am pronouncing it k-eye-uh … That would, actually, be my only concern with this beauitful choice - pronunciation issues. I don’t, however, think that it is too awful to have to correct people every now and then, and people learn quickly.
[name]Madelyn[/name] - the -lyn ending looks very trendy to me, I am afraid. [name]How[/name] about the traditional spelling [name]Madeleine[/name] (-lenn sound), or [name]Madeline[/name] (-line sound)? You could even try [name]Magdalena[/name] for the nn [name]Lena[/name].
[name]Isla[/name]* - rising in popularity, but a beautiful, feminine choice which won’t date.
Everleigh - again, the -leigh ending looks very trendy to me, and I actually can’t really see the appeal of [name]Ever[/name] as a name … [name]How[/name] about just [name]Evie[/name], or [name]Evelyn[/name], or [name]Verity[/name], which has the same sorts of sounds?
[name]Emerson[/name] “[name]Emmy[/name]” - due to the popularity of both [name]Emma[/name] and (M)[name]Addison[/name], I would steer clear of this one personally, but if you would really like the nn [name]Emmy[/name], how about [name]Emmeline[/name]?
[name]Ava[/name] - extremely popular, but a simple, pretty classic.
[name]Finley[/name] - I love the nn [name]Finn[/name], but not so much the trendy -ley ending of [name]Finley[/name], or the unisex factor. [name]How[/name] about [name]Finola[/name] or [name]Fiona[/name] nn [name]Finn[/name].
[name]Kate[/name] - my conservative side says that this may only be a nn for [name]Katherine[/name], but I do love the nn much more than the full version, and I think it is just magical in the middle position.
[name]Frankie[/name] - quite nice as a nn for [name]Francesca[/name].
[name]Addison[/name] - extremely popular, trendy and a boys’ name (any name containing [name]SON[/name] cannot be used for a girl, in my opinion). I vote a resounding “No”. You may like [name]Adeline[/name] or [name]Adelaide[/name], however, or even just [name]Ada[/name].
[name]Ryanne[/name] - is this pronounced like [name]Rhian[/name]? It looks terribly trendy.
[name]Esme[/name]* - a pretty, feminine and refined choice.
[name]Marlowe[/name] - this looks trendy, and the only think I think of when I hear [name]Marley[/name] is a dog, I am afraid.
[name]Vivienne[/name] - a pretty choice with sweet nns (which you could also get from the lovely [name]Violet[/name], although it is rising in popularity, or [name]Viola[/name]).
Kherrington - an awfully trendy name with a yooneek spelling; sorry. I do, however, adore [name]Kara[/name], and it does not deserve to be tainted by Kherrington. [name]How[/name] about just [name]Kara[/name], or [name]Caroline[/name] nn [name]Cara[/name]? You may also like [name]Tara[/name], [name]Sara[/name] and [name]Cordelia[/name] nn [name]Cora[/name].
[name]Mikaela[/name] - this name has unfortunately be ruined by all of the yooneek spellings; I do, however, like [name]Mika[/name].
[name]Georgianna[/name] - I have always come across this spelt [name]Georgiana[/name], but it is a lovely name either way.
Krystianna - why can this not be spelt [name]Christiana[/name]? In its original form it is quite nice, although still not my favourite of your list.
[name]Audrey[/name] - quite popular, but a pretty, vintage choice.

I think these would make great names for sisters :
[name]Esme[/name] [name]Georgiana[/name] and [name]Isla[/name] [name]Vivienne[/name]
[name]Luca[/name] [name]Rae[/name] and [name]Isla[/name] [name]Kate[/name]
[name]Kaia[/name] [name]Vivienne[/name] and [name]Luca[/name] [name]Audrey[/name]
[name]Kara[/name] [name]Kate[/name] and [name]Isla[/name] [name]Rae[/name]
[name]Kara[/name] [name]Vivienne[/name] and [name]Esme[/name] [name]Georgiana[/name].

[name]Hi[/name], justys!

I have to admit, some of your spellings are driving me crazy, but I’ll try - just try - to be nice. Sorry!

[name]Luca[/name]* - Isn’t [name]Luca[/name] technically a boy’s name?
[name]Rae[/name] - Not a fan.
[name]Kaia[/name]- [name]Love[/name] this! So sweet and spunky.
[name]Madelyn[/name] - Would you consider [name]Madeleine[/name] or [name]Madeline[/name]?
- Cute!
Everleigh “[name]Eve[/name]” or “[name]Ever[/name]” - No, thank you.
[name]Emerson[/name] “[name]Emmy[/name]” - Tolerable. Cute nickname!
[name]Ava[/name] - Prefer [name]Isla[/name] and [name]Kaia[/name], but pretty.
[name]Finley[/name] - Prefer for a boy, and I have a dog named [name]Findlay[/name], so…
[name]Kate[/name] - On its own, I like [name]Kate[/name], but it is classic and sweet.
[name]Frankie[/name] - Like some of your others better!
[name]Addison[/name] - [name]Ade[/name]? [name]Addison[/name] as a name bothers me. Prefer [name]Emerson[/name].
[name]Ryanne[/name] - No, thank you!
[name]Esme[/name]* - I’m not a fan of this, but I see the appeal.
[name]Marlowe[/name] - Seems masculine. Why not just [name]Marley[/name]?
[name]Vivienne[/name] - Pretty.
Kherrington - NO! [name]How[/name] about just [name]Kara[/name], or [name]Karina[/name] “[name]Kara[/name]”?
[name]Mikaela[/name] - Not my style.
[name]Georgianna[/name] - Prefer [name]Georgiana[/name]. Pretty elegant name…
Krystianna - No comment. Actually, yes comment. [name]Christiana[/name]!
[name]Audrey[/name] - Spunky, playful, and classic. Cute!

So, what about these pairings?

[name]Ava[/name] [name]Madeleine[/name] and [name]Kaia[/name] [name]Vivienne[/name] - [name]LOVE[/name]!
[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Emerson[/name] and [name]Isla[/name] [name]Madelyn[/name]

Good luck!

haha…thanks so much! I’m already thinking and narrowing…which is very good!
I see some of the spelling is driving people nuts. I’m not too caught up on the spelling and would definitely go with other suggestions - except for Krystianna. I love it spelled [name]Christiana[/name] as well but the spelling I have is how it would be spelled in polish, which I am, so that’s my reasoning behind that one :wink:

[name]Luca[/name]: It’s a boys’ name to me, but I can see it on a girl…
[name]Rae[/name] (would probably use as mn with [name]Luca[/name]): I think [name]Rae[/name] is cute with [name]Luca[/name]. (Isn’t that the name of [name]Jennie[/name] [name]Garth[/name]'s daughter?)
: It has a trendy vibe to me, but I think it’s pretty…
[name]Madelyn[/name] “[name]Maddie[/name]” or “[name]Lena[/name]”: I like it spelled [name]Madeleine[/name] or [name]Madeline[/name], but I think it’s beautiful.
[name]Isla[/name]: I I think it’s pretty!
Everleigh “[name]Evie[/name]” or “[name]Ever[/name]”: I love the [name]Evie[/name] nickname, but the “leigh” ending looks really trend to me.
[name]Emerson[/name] “[name]Emmy[/name]”: It’s all boy to me…
[name]Ava[/name]: I think it’s beautiful, but it’s also very, very popular.
[name]Finley[/name] “[name]Finn[/name]”: I love [name]Finn[/name], but on a boy.
[name]Kate[/name]: I love it!
[name]Frankie[/name] (maybe [name]Francesca[/name] as full name?): I’d definitely go with [name]Francesca[/name] or [name]Frances[/name]. I love the [name]Frankie[/name] nickname!
[name]Addison[/name] “[name]Ade[/name]” or “[name]Addi[/name]”: I only think of [name]Addison[/name]'s Disease, an adrenal disease…
[name]Ryanne[/name]: This feels pretty trendy to me. You may also like [name]Rhiannon[/name].
: I think it’s beautiful!
[name]Marlowe[/name] “[name]Marley[/name]” (love the nn): I’m used to it being spelled [name]Marlo[/name], because of [name]Marlo[/name] [name]Thomas[/name].
[name]Vivienne[/name] “[name]Vi[/name]” or “[name]Vivi[/name]” (love the nn): I love it! From your list, I like the flow of [name]Vivienne[/name] [name]Marlowe[/name].
Kherrington “[name]Kara[/name]” (love the nn): Spelled this way, you’ll be sentencing your daughter to a lifetime of having to correct people’s spelling. I’d spell it Carrington and Kerrington, which are two legitimate spellings.
[name]Mikaela[/name] “[name]Mika[/name]” (love the nn): I like [name]Mika[/name], but [name]Mikaela[/name] looks like a trendy spelling to me.
[name]Georgianna[/name] “[name]Georgie[/name]”: I love it!
Krystianna: I like some of your other names more…
[name]Audrey[/name]: I think it’s beautiful!

Names combos from your list:

[name]Vivienne[/name] [name]Kate[/name]
[name]Vivienne[/name] [name]Marlowe[/name]
[name]Isla[/name] [name]Madelyn[/name] (I love [name]Isla[/name] [name]Madeleine[/name]/[name]Isla[/name] [name]Madeline[/name])
[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Kate[/name]
[name]Ava[/name] [name]Madelyn[/name]
[name]Madelyn[/name] [name]Kate[/name]
[name]Madelyn[/name] [name]Rae[/name]
[name]Georgianna[/name] [name]Kate[/name]
[name]Esme[/name] Carrington
[name]Esme[/name] [name]Vivienne[/name]
[name]Francesca[/name] [name]Rae[/name]
[name]Francesca[/name] [name]Marlowe[/name]
[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Madeline[/name]

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Did you know the Polish spelling of [name]Christina[/name] is [name]Krystyna[/name]? I love this spelling.

Did you know the Polish spelling of [name]Christina[/name] is [name]Krystyna[/name]? I love this spelling.[/quote]

Yeah, I just changed it a little because my name is [name]Justyna[/name] and [name]Krystyna[/name] is too close and then usually that’s like [name]Christina[/name]…so I picked half and half. The “i” in there will make people (in Poland) pronounce it [name]Christiana[/name]…i hope! haha
OH! and the double “n” at the end is because my mom’s name is [name]Anna[/name], so I thought that would be a nice little way to honour my mom :slight_smile:

List looks awfully trendy. A few notes:

[name]Rae[/name] (would probably use as mn with [name]Luca[/name])
[name]Kaia[/name]* - Not too common, don’t know if I’ve even heard of it before.
[name]Madelyn[/name] “[name]Maddie[/name]” or “[name]Lena[/name]”
Everleigh “[name]Evie[/name]” or “[name]Ever[/name]” - One of the most often cited trendy names, even though still unranked.
[name]Emerson[/name] “[name]Emmy[/name]”
[name]Finley[/name] “[name]Finn[/name]”
[name]Frankie[/name] (maybe [name]Francesca[/name] as full name?) - Not my taste. I like a lot of tomboy ones, not this.
[name]Addison[/name] “[name]Ade[/name]” or “[name]Addi[/name]”
[name]Marlowe[/name] “[name]Marley[/name]” (love the nn)
[name]Vivienne[/name] “[name]Vi[/name]” or “[name]Vivi[/name]” (love the nn)
Kherrington “[name]Kara[/name]” (love the nn) - Why not spell it Carrington? Of why not just the cute [name]Kara[/name]?
[name]Mikaela[/name] “[name]Mika[/name]” (love the nn) - [name]WAY[/name] too common, and it’ll never be anything but an awkward feminization.
[name]Georgianna[/name] “[name]Georgie[/name]”

No time to finish (again…)