Help! Character names

[name_m]Hi[/name_m], so a couple days ago I posted something to figure out the names of my main characters and now I’m trying to find out some names for some new characters

The first character is sisters to [name_m]Kaito[/name_m] the love interest. She is a bubbly character with a lot of energy but also very serious. She has dark brown hair and blue eyes like her brother. She is able to manipulate water and slightly the weather. For her name I want it to be sophisticated but not to out there.

The second character is Kaito’s best friend. He is funny once you get to know him but very intimidating looking. He had dark hair and brown eyes. He is also able to manipulate water but usual it is for combat he uses it as shields and protection. Especially when he is around Kaito’s sister because they are married.

[name_f]Jordanna[/name_f] (to flow down)


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