HELP! Cold feet on Lilia - due in 2 weeks!

hi Berries!

My hubby and I had decided a while back on the name [name]Lilia[/name] [name]Margaret[/name] for our baby girl ( with some of your help i might add!).I love how the name sounds and the light, airy feel to it, but am not IN [name]LOVE[/name] with it, and I dont know why!! My hubby loves it and seems set on it. i have not come accross anything more fitting, or that i liked more than [name]Lilia[/name], which is why the name kind of stuck.

I feel kind of stuck at this point and am worried about having second thoughts. Any suggestions?

Also, if you can think of any names that have the same style and feel, please share them! :slight_smile:

Wow! This is so strange – I was just going to write a post about [name]Lilia[/name]. I met a 10 month-old [name]Lilia[/name] yesterday and I think it is a fresh name choice, very reminiscent of [name]Julia[/name], [name]Lily[/name]. I like it!

Okay, so my previous post may not have been very helpful! I know what it’s like to have a girl’s name and not love it, so I changed it!

Here are some names which to my strange brain are reminiscent of [name]Lilia[/name]:

  • [name]Julia[/name]
  • [name]Coralie[/name]
  • [name]Liliana[/name]
  • [name]Olivia[/name]
  • [name]Lyra[/name]
  • [name]Imogen[/name]
  • [name]Lily[/name] (a nickname for [name]Lilia[/name] any way)
  • [name]Callie[/name]
  • [name]Maia[/name]
  • [name]Alyssa[/name] (popular, I know)

I used to work at a bridal boutique and often, women would choose their wedding gowns 6-12 months in advance, and then come in and panic because they had seen other, newer dresses and were second-guessing their choice. We would let them try on others, they would usually end up remembering why they chose the first one, and the moral of the story was: Once you have chosen a dress, STOP LOOKING. I think this rule can be applied to baby names. If you pick one too far in advance, it starts seeming ordinary and not so “special” and then you panic and think you need to start all over. But really, once you have a child for a while, the name becomes an everyday word anyway. I think [name]Lilia[/name] is a really beautiful, uncommon name, and to me, it sounds like you love it but have maybe just forgotten that you do. I don’t know. Maybe I’m wrong and you should look some more, BUT-- maybe you need to accept that no name is going to seem fresh and new forever and go with the beautiful name that you and your husband have chosen.

[name]Lilia[/name] is a beautiful name. It has been my favorite name for several years now. It is lovely: soft and strong, recognizable, but not popular. It’s one of those names that will surprise people because it isn’t expected. When you introduce your daughter people will say:“Oh, that’s really pretty!” in a ‘I wish I had thought of that’ way. [name]Lilia[/name] has the advantage of standing on its own, and also has the potential nicknames of [name]Lili[/name] or [name]Lia[/name]. Paired with [name]Margaret[/name], it makes a lovely, classic combination. You really can’t go wrong with it. I have only ever met one person named [name]Lilia[/name], and I was just thrilled. I would love to know that there is another little [name]Lilia[/name] running around out there. I personally think that [name]Lilia[/name] is a wonderful choice, but you need to listen to your intuition: only you will be able to tell if it is the right name for your baby. If it isn’t, it is better to let go of it now and find a better fit. You could choose another first and middle name and see which one fits your baby best when you meet her. I wish you the best.

I absolutely [name]LOVE[/name] the name [name]Lilia[/name] and I may have already written this on another post of yours when you were coming up with names, but I always think of the beautiful gymnast from Ukraine named [name]Lilia[/name] who won the 1996 Olympic All-Around Gymnastics Competition. She was so beautiful!

I’ve never heard of [name]Lilia[/name], but for whatever it’s worth, I think it’s [name]LOVELY[/name]!!! I might just have to add this one to our list! :wink:

Rose23–The 1996 Olympics was also when I first heard the name [name]Lilia[/name] and fell in love with it. [name]Lilia[/name] Podkopayeva was so graceful and amazing. Her name is pronounced LEEL yah because that is the way it is pronounced where she lives (in the Ukraine). I like both the LEEL yah and [name]Lily[/name] ah pronunciations. The name is so pretty no matter what you do with it. Please tell us what you decide, Kaer! I’m sure you will find the right name for your little girl.

Well, I have to agree with the above posters… as I mentioned earlier, I met my first-ever [name]Lilia[/name] (never heard the name before) last week. She is a 10 month old and let me tell you… I think the name is gorgeous.

As somebody who has been obsessing over names for the past 9 months and who has gone through three name changes and significant baby naming remorse with our daughter, I can tell you that the name [name]Lilia[/name] is fabulous, [name]IMO[/name]!

[name]Lilia[/name] is fresh, unexpected but not out there. I really like it. That being said, if you don’t feel that the name is right, then it doesn’t matter how many other people like it!

If I can give you any advice it would be not to panic. You aren’t due for 2 weeks. Who knows… when your daughter is born, she may seem like a [name]Lilia[/name], she may not.

I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself right now. You do have time to see if another name suits! Good luck!

I love [name]Lilia[/name]…though I admit I am totally partial to [name]Lilla[/name] ([name]Lilla[/name] Leach was a field botanist in the 1920s and discovered some rare plants in Oregon).

Maybe try picturing your baby girl in your arms and imagine calling her [name]Lilia[/name], that has helped me decide on a name. But remember, if you meet her and she isn’t a [name]Lilia[/name], then she isn’t! There is no law that says babies have to be born with a name, or even come home from the hospital with one.