Help! Do I let him choose? POLL

See the results of this poll: Which name do you like best? Should I let him choose?

Respondents: 55 (This poll is closed)

  • Lorelei (nn Lola): 32 (58%)
  • Isadora (nn Izzy or Dory): 12 (22%)
  • Josephine (nn Josie): 11 (20%)

Ok . He compromised on the big issue whether or not to have a 3rd child. That’s huge. So let him name her.

I think [name]Lorelei[/name] is the prettiest choice. It feels very light and sweet with [name]Xander[/name] & [name]Madelyn[/name] and I think the nn [name]Lola[/name] is adorable (esp “[name]Maddy[/name] & [name]Lola[/name]”, I love sister sib sets). Your other options are well thought; I think any of the three names on your poll would fit well in the family. Have you considered waiting to meet the baby? You have a really nice short list. Maybe leave it up in the air until you have given birth and have a quiet moment just the three of you :slight_smile: Good luck!

[name]How[/name] much did you compromise with your other children’s names? If one of you did more giving in with the first two it might be more fair to let the other give a little this time. My favorite from your list is [name]Josephine[/name], but I do prefer [name]Lorelei[/name] to [name]Isadora[/name].
If you think letting him think of the baby as his little [name]Lorelei[/name] would help ease the transition to having a third baby then maybe it’s a good idea.

At least he isn’t trying to name her after his ex girlfriend .

Thanks for the feedback everyone! [name]Lorelei[/name] is a pretty name – I’m just worried it will forever be associated with the [name]Gilmore[/name] Girls.

It didn’t take much compromising on either side for our other two kids’ names – we just agreed. It took us forever to come up with something we both liked for our son (he was two days old before he was named), but when we came up with it, we both liked it.

Anyway, I’m trying to be more open-minded about [name]Lorelei[/name]. Thanks again for the advice!

I agree. [name]Lorelei[/name] is a gorgeous name as well. She’d be lucky to have it. I’m particularly takenwith [name]Lola[/name] as a nn. [name]Lovely[/name].

I think [name]Lorelei[/name] is a fantastic name. It may be the best idea to let him have it and you pick the middle name.

I actually don’t think any of those go with your other kids names but if I had to choose one it would [name]Josephine[/name].
No way would I agree to a name that only my DH liked. I actually think [name]Lorelei[/name] is awful to be honest.

Well, I’m glad that most everyone seems to like [name]Lorelei[/name]! It’s growing on me, and I do love the nickname [name]Lola[/name].

I voted for [name]Lorelei[/name]. :slight_smile:

I pretty much love [name]Lorelei[/name] and [name]Isadora[/name] equally with [name]Alexander[/name] and [name]Madelyn[/name], but I vastly prefer the nn [name]Lola[/name] to [name]Izzy[/name] or [name]Dory[/name]. I do like [name]Izzy[/name] ([name]Isabelle[/name] is my favorite girls’ name, and I’m fine if she gets [name]Izzy[/name] at some point in her life), but [name]Dory[/name] just reminds me of the fish in Finding [name]Nemo[/name]. lol. And I’m not crazy about [name]Dora[/name], either. I am pretty sure [name]Dora[/name] means “gift”, which is cool, but it reminds me too much of [name]Dora[/name] the [name]Explorer[/name].

I like [name]Josephine[/name], but I much prefer the nn [name]Posey[/name] for it. [name]Josephine[/name] is really cute with [name]Alexander[/name] and [name]Madelyn[/name], though.

I don’t know if this would make you love [name]Lorelei[/name] even more, but have you considered the nn [name]Lila[/name] for it? [name]Lorelei[/name], nn [name]Lila[/name], is somewhere on my top 20, and I think it’s really cool. I also suggested it to someone a week or two ago, and it sent [name]Lorelei[/name] straight to the top of her list… sooo… I figured it didn’t hurt to suggest it, lol. And with the prominent LYE sound at the end, I figure it’s not too much of a stretch for the nn [name]Lila[/name]. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Thanks! I really do love [name]Isadora[/name], but I agree about the nicknames. [name]Dory[/name] does make me think of the fish and [name]Dora[/name] of course makes me think of [name]Dora[/name] the [name]Explorer[/name]. [name]Izzy[/name] is the only one I really like at all. And I do like [name]Lola[/name] better as a nickname. :slight_smile:

I think I resist [name]Lorelei[/name] because I’m afraid people will constantly ask her if she was named after the [name]Gilmore[/name] Girls (which she won’t be, because I never even watched that show, nor did my husband!). My name is [name]Sabrina[/name] and I got SO sick of people asking me if I was named after [name]Samantha[/name]'s cousin on Bewitched (whose name is [name]Serena[/name], not [name]Sabrina[/name]) or [name]Sabrina[/name] the Teenage Witch (which came out years after I was born).

Anyway, I appreciate all the helpful feedback. :slight_smile: If anyone is still reading this, do you have ideas for middle names? We want to use a family name and these are our choices:

Not the best choices. :slight_smile: We’re leaning towards [name]Jane[/name] or [name]Susan[/name]. I love [name]Isadora[/name] [name]Jane[/name], but I’m not sure about [name]Lorelei[/name] [name]Jane[/name]. [name]Isadora[/name] [name]Susan[/name] is definitely a no – what do you think of [name]Lorelei[/name] [name]Susan[/name]?

Wow [name]Lorelai[/name], that is so pretty. i have enver even seen [name]Gilmore[/name] Girls and am sure your daughters peers won’t know it either. Im 30 by the way so its not like I’ve never heard of it. I did know there was a [name]Lorelai[/name] on it, but associate [name]Lorelai[/name] with a beautiful tropical flower or shy sweet girl. i think it is so very pretty and [name]Lola[/name] is awesome if she’s a birt of a spitfire

I have to admit that I am a big Gimore Girls fan, and that would stop me using the name personally because everyone knows I am :lol: I think for you it would be fine, though. They don’t even have the same spelling :wink: [name]Lorelei[/name] [name]Olive[/name] would be my pick of mn’s for you. I also like [name]Lorelei[/name] [name]Jane[/name] and [name]Lorelei[/name] [name]Nell[/name] (actually, this would be my pick, but I don’t know if you’re willing to change [name]Nellie[/name] to [name]Nell[/name]).

[name]Lorelei[/name] [name]Olive[/name] would be my pick as well! [name]How[/name] beautiful!

While [name]Lorelei[/name] does sort of make me think of the [name]Gilmore[/name] Girls, it reminds me much more of the [name]Heinrich[/name] [name]Heine[/name] poem about a siren. It’s a fabulous [name]German[/name] poem. See these links for the translation of the work and more information: