Help for baby #5!

I’m currently expecting baby #5, and I have my anatomy scan set for [name]Tuesday[/name] the 11th. Hopefully we’ll see gender then, but right now I’m feeling the crunch to discuss names!

We have 4 sons:
[name]Dominic[/name] [name]Sebastian[/name]
[name]Alexander[/name] [name]Vincent[/name], called [name]Xander[/name]
[name]Felix[/name] [name]Benjamin[/name]
[name]Milo[/name] [name]Christopher[/name]

Thus far on our lists we have:


[name]Eliza[/name] (would drive [name]MIL[/name] crazy because she says it’s only a nickname for [name]Elizabeth[/name], and why wouldn’t we give her the full name?! so it gets bonus points)
[name]Evelyn[/name] (my grandmother’s name)
[name]Gwendolyn[/name] (our sons’ pick)
[name]Hazel[/name] (DH’s grandmother’s name)

I have a lot of rules about name selection… can’t start with the same letter as our other kids’ (no D, X, F, or M names), can’t end in the same way as their names (no -ic, -er, -ix, or -o names), not a trendy or popular name, no unisex names - especially for girls.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Especially for boys. If we are expecting boy #5, it’ll be really hard to find a name we love.

My favorite from both lists is [name]Elliott[/name] (but I really like [name]Reuben[/name]) and I like [name]Hazel[/name] and [name]Ruby[/name]. Most of them are pretty good and I think any of them would work :slight_smile:

I smiled when I read your list of rules. It’s a perfect match with my list. :slight_smile:

As for your names, I really love [name]Reuben[/name], but I think [name]Conrad[/name] or [name]Linus[/name] might go with your other boys names better. What do you think of [name]Silas[/name]?

For girls, I love [name]Eliza[/name], [name]Hazel[/name], [name]Imogen[/name], and [name]Ruby[/name]. You also might like: [name]Georgia[/name], [name]Adelaide[/name], [name]Laurel[/name]

[name]Abraham[/name]–I feel like [name]Abraham[/name] is a little mismatched with your other boys…and it starts with an A like [name]Alexander[/name].
[name]Conrad[/name]–It’s nms but I feel like it fits right in with your other boys.
[name]Edison[/name]–I was on board until I said it aloud with your other boys…I think it also feels out of place.
[name]Elliott[/name]–My personal favorite and I think it sounds great with the other boys. I prefer is spelled [name]Elliot[/name] though.
[name]Linus[/name]–I just cannot get on the bandwagon for this name.
[name]Reuben[/name]–I actually quite like [name]Reuben[/name] it’s my second chioce.

[name]Clementine[/name]–I like [name]Clementine[/name] a lot.
[name]Coraline[/name]–meh. I like [name]Clementine[/name] better
[name]Eliza[/name] (would drive [name]MIL[/name] crazy because she says it’s only a nickname for [name]Elizabeth[/name], and why wouldn’t we give her the full name?! so it gets bonus points)–I prefer [name]Eliza[/name] on its own over a nn for [name]Elizabeth[/name]…LOL @ the bonus points comment. :smiley:
[name]Evelyn[/name] (my grandmother’s name)–I think I’d use this as a middle name.
[name]Gwendolyn[/name] (our sons’ pick)–a lovely name…love nn [name]Wendy[/name] better than [name]Gwen[/name]
[name]Hazel[/name] (DH’s grandmother’s name)–again I’d use as a mn.
[name]Imogen[/name]–I just don’t like this name very much
[name]Ruby[/name]—ooooo I also love [name]Ruby[/name].

IDK what you are using for mns…so I’m going to make combos from your lists.

[name]Elliott[/name] [name]Conrad[/name]
[name]Rueben[/name] [name]Abraham[/name]

[name]Lorelei[/name] [name]Hazel[/name] or [name]Lorelei[/name] [name]Ruby[/name]
[name]Eliza[/name] [name]Gwendolyn[/name] (I actually really love this…and it’d annoy your [name]MIL[/name] and your sons still get their choice in there…:D)
[name]Ruby[/name] [name]Clementine[/name] or [name]Ruby[/name] [name]Evelyn[/name]

I also think any of them would work, ( I LOOVE [name]Dominic[/name], btw) but my favourites are [name]Conrad[/name], [name]Edison[/name], [name]Gwendolyn[/name], and [name]Ruby[/name]. I think all of those four would fit in really nicely and I just like them personally anyway :slight_smile: