HELP HELP HELP! Need advice!!

My husband and I just found out that we are expecting a baby girl! We are SO excited. It was a no brainer that we would name her after my Grandmother that I was very close with. She was from Finland.

We agreed on Lyli (said Lie-[name]Lee[/name]) - since her name was Lyyli. We just dropped one Y.

We are not announcing the name before she is born expect to best friends and family. But unfortunately while everyone LOVES the sound of the name - the “look” of the name leads everyone to say - [name]Lily[/name], [name]Lele[/name] or something else not along the lines of LIE-[name]LEE[/name].

I don’t necessarily care for these spellings: Lylee, Lylie, Lyleigh or Lyyli. I just really love Lyli.

Am I setting my little one up for a life of explaining her name and resenting her parents for giving her a name that people seem to be puzzled over?

The name is important to us - we absolutely [name]LOVE[/name] it… along with the sound of it.

Any advice please???


I don’t think she’ll resent you, but yes, she will most likely be correcting the pronunciation for most of her life unless she goes to live in Finland.

That being said, it’s a lovely name and it has such a special meaning to you that I can’t see a reason why you shouldn’t use it. If you’re concerned about pronunciation, can you make it her middle name and give her a first name you both like?

Pronunciation will be an issue, but with corrections it should be okay.
Or just put it in the middle spot.

Lyyli is an ethnic name-- it’s Finnish. I feel like spelling it this way is the way I would go, in your situation. Let me explain why.

I had to deal with this issue for my bub too. Of course, we considered anglo-fying it… but after all those months of playing around with her full name, the ONLY version and spelling we were not sick of was the original. It felt right… its meaning was important to us… and the moment we said it was ethnic, people just accepted and tried to get it right. No weird looks, nothing. I’m not saying it would be as easy-breezy for you… but in my case, it was the authenticity of the name that never got old.

If Lyli is an acceptable variation of Lyyli, go with it and let it go. In my case, I believe our confidence in her name choice have allowed our daughter to be proud of her own name. No doubt, she runs into people who say it wrong on occasion but I’ve never seen her waver in believing her name is right for her. Certainly, she has never hated us for it.

[name]Just[/name] sharing a bit of my story but I hope it helps.

I think she will have to explain the pronunciation and spelling a lot, but it’s not like you made it up. . it has special meaning to you, and once explained to people, it’s not at all difficult to say. I don’t think she’ll resent you.

I agree with etoile… I think you should spell it the original way. Then it will look like an ethnic name and not a kreatively spelled name. :slight_smile: People will be bothered to ask how to pronounce it instead of trying to pronounce it any old way. I personally think it is very pretty and has a very special meaning.


Thank you SO much everyone!! I will definitely take all this in to consideration. I don’t mind the Lyyli but looking at it now… Lyli is probably going to be more confusing than anything else.

We love this name and it is special to us. But our parade is definitely getting rained on by people thinking its Lie-Lie or [name]LeLe[/name]. I cannot help but wonder what people are thinking sometimes!!

I agree with etoile’s comment completely. I do feel Lyyli would prompt another look and make people realize (or at least question)that it’s not [name]Lily[/name] with a creative spelling but a different name in it’s own right. Because you have to admit, that’s a really likely scenario.

I love that this name has such meaning behind it, and I feel it would make your daughter proud to bear it just like her grandmother did! I think Lyyli is a lovely name, like you I just love the sound of it! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I read it the way you like it “Lyli” and pronounced it right from that.
If it’s what you love keep it that spelling- you will be the main one thinking about it, looking at it, writing it, and saying it- so you should love it most!

I agree with the posters who suggest keeping the original spelling. We went through this and I am glad we kept the original spelling even though, in our case, it leads to mispronunciation whereas the anglicized version, probably would have solved the problem. We have a [name]Benedikte[/name] (pronounced sort of like: [name]Benedicta[/name]). If I had spelled it with the “icta” people would not call her [name]Benedict[/name], which they do now. I think people are going to ask in either case with your name, you cannot avoid it and the original just looks so much authentic and genuine. Dropping the Y will encourage people to think it is a yoo-neek, made up name (kiss of death for me personally) and the extra Y to me is so culturally beautiful. I love the name and especially the extra Y.

I think Lyyli is a very sweet-sounding name, and the pronunciation makes sense to me. She will love her name, because you do, and because it honours someone very special. Congratulations!

The original spelling is less confusing. I would pronounce Lyyli as “Lie-[name]Lee[/name]”.

Unfortunately, Lyli reminds me of [name]Lily[/name] in the same way my friend Imely’s name reminds me of [name]Emily[/name] (She pronounces Imely as [name]Emily[/name] which is kind of silly)

Have you thought of replacing the first y like Leili? Best of luck, and I do think it sounds really pretty.

I read it correctly, and I usually misprounce every foreign name that I come across. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. My name is [name]Mary[/name] and people always ask if it’s with a “y” or “i”. Such a classic name and people still have trouble with it. No matter what people will have problems with any name.

I love the name! [name]How[/name] gorgeous! Definitely keep the Lyyli spelling. Much more special and I am all for traditional spellings.

Please use the original spelling. Lyyli is a traditional name in Finnish and when pronounced correctly is not at all like Lie-lee. Most Americans will have a hard time pronouncing it correctly though. While Lyyli does in fact mean [name]Lily[/name], the dropping of one y makes it look really weird to anyone who speaks Finnish. It is a lovely, lovely name… and a lovely honor for your mummi (grandmother!)

I guess I should have included that my Grandmother - Knowing this name is pronounced “Loo-[name]Lee[/name]” always referred to it as Lie-[name]Lee[/name]. It was always just easier for us kids and we all fell in love with it. But I am aware that is actually pronounced LOO-[name]LEE[/name]. I even checked with a couple Lyyli’s I hunted down online!!

And fortunately - we are located in Pennsylvania… No one even knows a thing about Scandanavian names in this area… ESPECIALLY Pittsburgh!! All of the Italians and Polish people kind of reign supreme in their names!!


I love Lyyli…I instantly pronounced it the correct way, too. [name]IMO[/name], names with significant meaning trump potential pronunciation issues.

Such a pretty name! I think I would stick with the original spelling also. These days, there are so many names, spelled so many different ways, you have to spell your name for anyone no matter how normal it is. I love Lyyli. It is sweet, interesting, and honors someone you love. It will be a great story for your daughter to tell about her great grandmother.

I do love the Lyyli spelling as many pp reasoned. I do agree that the traditional spelling is more likely to make people realise Lyyli is actually a name from a different ethnicity rather than a creative spelling/ made up name.

If you are determined and want phonetic… perhaps Lylie? (like [name]Kylie[/name])