Help! How does this sound....

If I have a girl I want to name her [name]Marlin[/name] [name]Krista[/name].

[name]Both[/name] names have very special meaning to me. [name]Marlin[/name] comes from my aunt that passed away 6 mos ago. Her middle name was [name]Marline[/name]…pronounced [name]Marlene[/name]. She disliked her middle name so I decided that [name]Marlin[/name] would still honor her without using the name she disliked. [name]Krista[/name] comes from my sister that passed away 4 years ago. Her name was [name]Kristina[/name], her middle name is unusable as it is already used.

[name]Do[/name] you think it flows or should I use a different variation of [name]Krista[/name]/[name]Kristina[/name]? I want to keep [name]Marlin[/name] as the first name, if possible. Thanks :slight_smile:

[name]Marlin[/name] krista sounds alright as a combo. I’m really not a fan of [name]Marlin[/name]. To me it sounds very masculine, reminds me of the [name]Miami[/name] Marlins, or just a fish. I do appreciate that you want to name her after your aunt. Is a variation of her first name more usable? From [name]Marlene[/name] I might do…

[name]Marin[/name] - prn [name]Mare[/name]-in

[name]Krista[/name] is cute, but has some strange personal connotations for me, and also sounds like a baby born in the 90s.

From [name]Kristina[/name] I might try…


I’m sorry if I come across as harsh, If you really like [name]Marlin[/name] [name]Krista[/name], you should go for it.

You could always combine [name]Marline[/name] and [name]Kristina[/name] - [name]Martina[/name], or [name]Kristine[/name].

[name]Marlin[/name] [name]Krista[/name] is nice, but [name]Marlin[/name] [name]Kristina[/name] flows better, in my opinion. I also think that [name]Mara[/name] [name]Kristine[/name] would be another beautiful option for you. There are so many versions of both names! Or perhaps you could even use your aunt’s first name, since you mentioned that she didn’t even really like her middle name?

Also: I like the pp’s suggestion of [name]Marley[/name]…sort of a modern twist of [name]Marlene[/name].

Thanks for your reply. I do like [name]Mara[/name]. [name]Lena[/name] is my mil’s name and my neice is named after her so that name is a no go. I absolutely love [name]Marley[/name] BUT my cousin just name her baby [name]Marley[/name]. Not sure about [name]Marin[/name], to me that sounds more masculine than [name]Marlin[/name].

There are so many people around here with her first name, younger and older. That’s why I’m not keen on using it.

I love [name]Marlin[/name]. I’d probably do [name]Marlin[/name] [name]Kristina[/name]

Oh dear. I’m sorry you are struggling with this and trying so hard to honor your family members, with several name possibilities already out of the running. I’m sure we can come up with something that is more suitable than [name]Marlin[/name].

I really do not mean to offend, but I strongly, strongly suggest you do not name your sweet girl [name]Marlin[/name]. It’s just not a name for a girl, especially when you’re trying to honor a family member. I mean, [name]Marlin[/name] is straight-up, a word name, that is a type of fish. I know kids get away with a lot of out-there names these days, but I really cannot see how she wouldn’t be teased with that. It’s a fish. A fish! I’m sorry to be so blunt, but I really hope you don’t use this.

I’m a little confused though as to why you are set on modeling her name after your aunt’s middle name, which she hated? (Would she really want the name that she hated to live on?) Is her first name not usable either?

If it really has to be based off [name]Marline[/name], I think you’d be okay even just making something up, because the name will still have meaning and significance. Like… Marlenna?

Or, actual names…

Marienne ([name]Marion[/name])
[name]Mara[/name] (already suggested but a great choice!)

I actually really like [name]Marina[/name]. What about [name]Marina[/name] [name]Kristine[/name]? [name]Kristine[/name] could be another possibility for [name]Kristina[/name].

Another possibility is to to honor your aunt by choosing a name with the same meaning as her name, or maybe even a name that is related to something she truly loved. Like, say, she was a painter. [name]Medrie[/name] is the name of a famous painter. A little creativity here could go a long way, I think!

I like [name]Marlin[/name], its cute but strong…

but not a fan of the flow of the 2 together; I think the MN needs to be a bit longer(but maybe it works with your last name?).
I dont like [name]Krista[/name] personally but thats only because I’m not a fan of my name either([name]Kristy[/name])…For me its still an eighties baby name. But given that it has meaning to you, and you like it, go with it.
If its for a middle name, why cant you use her middle name? My sons middle name is after my dad who passed away but its a family name so at least 3 other kids in my family have it in some position or another.

Variations of [name]Krista[/name]/[name]Kristina[/name]- [name]Christiane[/name], [name]Christian[/name], [name]Calista[/name], [name]Alice[/name]/[name]Alyse[/name]

Marlin…Merlin, Marley(though the dog sort of ruins it for the time being), [name]Marina[/name](combines both Krista and Marlene in a way)…

…lol thats all I got right now and those are stretching it;)

Did your sister have a NN she went by…my parents called me [name]Nikki[/name]…or can you find another connection like the meaning of her name(christ-like or bumble bee) or her birth month( I considered [name]August[/name] for my son after my dad) or her favourite place or season/holiday([name]Noelle[/name] or [name]Holly[/name] for christmas)…or just a nod to her passing and the healing a daughter represents in your life(phoenix?)

She didn’t "hate” her middle name, she just didn’t love it…that’s why I wouldn’t use [name]Marline[/name]. I know [name]Marlin[/name] is a fish, just like [name]Marina[/name] is a boat dock and the list could go on as far as names go. I do like the idea of using something different for a middle name like something my sister liked. Or an odd variation of [name]Kristina[/name]. I have even considered moving Marlin to a mn. Thanks everyone for your opinion and suggestions. That is why I came here.

I also think of the fish, or the baseball team. I don’t find it attractive for a girl, sorry. [name]Love[/name] suggestions of [name]Maren[/name]/[name]Marin[/name], [name]Lena[/name], or [name]Mara[/name]. What about [name]Marlena[/name]? I love the sound of [name]Marlena[/name] [name]Kristine[/name] or [name]Krista[/name] [name]Marlin[/name].

Ways to honor [name]Marline[/name] & [name]Kristina[/name]…hmmm.
Well I love [name]Marina[/name] as you said above. Have you considered that? It uses the [name]Mar[/name] from [name]Marline[/name] and the “ina” from [name]Kristina[/name]. [name]Marina[/name]. Seems so sweet and more feminine than [name]Marlin[/name].
Sorry to repeat any other suggestions but perhaps:
[name]Arley[/name] [name]Krista[/name]

[name]Marlin[/name] sounds masculine to me, and reminds me of Finding [name]Nemo[/name]. But I think the suggested [name]Marin[/name] or [name]Mara[/name] could be nice, or possibly [name]Marla[/name]?

[name]Marlin[/name] [name]Krista[/name] sounds like little mermaids second best friend who is a [name]Marlin[/name] named [name]Krista[/name]. I think [name]Krista[/name] is great and i like the [name]Marlena[/name] suggestion.

If you like [name]Marlin[/name], it’s a perfectly lovely name. I do prefer [name]Malin[/name] - it makes me think of [name]Malin[/name] Ackerman, and the nickname [name]Mae[/name]/[name]May[/name] is too cute - but if you love [name]Marlin[/name], by all means use it :slight_smile: As far as [name]Krista[/name] goes, it’s not my personal favourite variation of your sister’s name. I prefer [name]Kristina[/name] or [name]Kristine[/name]. If you’re not tied to K, [name]Christiana[/name] or even [name]Chrysanthemum[/name] would be sweet, and there is an actress named [name]Kristian[/name] which is a sort of modern take on the name (though I wouldn’t use it with [name]Marlin[/name] since both names are unisex). So my suggestions would be:

[name]Malin[/name] [name]Kristina[/name]
[name]Marlin[/name] [name]Kristina[/name]
[name]Mary[/name] [name]Kristiana[/name]
[name]Mara[/name] [name]Kristine[/name]
[name]Maura[/name] [name]Kristian[/name]
Marlina [name]Chrysanthemum[/name]

I like [name]Mara[/name]! Another suggestion for honouring a [name]Kristina[/name] is- [name]Kirsten[/name]/[name]Kirsty[/name]. Some suggestions:

[name]Kirsty[/name] [name]Mariane[/name] ________ (ln)
[name]Kirsten[/name] [name]Mary[/name] _________
[name]Mara[/name] [name]Christine[/name] ________