Help! I need fresh ideas if our babe is a girl.

A couple of months ago I had a short list of girl names, but now I’m second guessing all of them. My husband chose our 3 year old daughter’s name - [name]Eliana[/name] [name]Leigh[/name], nn [name]Ellie[/name]. It’s frillier than my taste (especially at the time), but he loved it and we both love the meaning, “God answers” and it’s grown on me.

With #2 on the way, I don’t want to get stuck in a frilly rut, but it’s also important to me to have a coordinated (but not matchy-matchy) sibling set. If it’s a boy I think we’re pretty set since we have a short list of names we both love, but for girls we need help!


  • preferably 2 or 3 syllables, and not in the top 50
  • spiritual, biblical, or at least positive meaning
  • can’t end in “L” or “D” (in spelling or sound) because that would clash with our last name.
  • nothing ending in “a” or “ie”. Y would be okay though.

I’m not going to mention any of my favorites off the bat because I’d really love it if you brilliant berries could give me some totally fresh insight.


I’ll give it a shot…
[name]Carys[/name] (Welsh, [name]Love[/name])
[name]Rosario[/name] (Literally “Rosary,” but also associated with an ancient festival, and of course, the word “[name]Rose[/name]”)
[name]Damaris[/name] (Means “Calf” in Greek, which obviously isn’t great, but in the Bible was a woman converted to Christianity by [name]Paul[/name])
[name]Noemi[/name] (Pleasantness)
[name]Maren[/name] (of the sea)
[name]Cecily[/name] (Blind)
[name]Felicity[/name] (Happiness)
[name]Rhiannon[/name] (Great [name]Queen[/name])
[name]Lucy[/name] ([name]Light[/name])
[name]Vivian[/name] or [name]Vivienne[/name] (Alive)

[name]Hi[/name] bedhead, thanks for responding so quickly!

[name]Pheobe[/name] - I like the style of this, but the “Friends” association is a little to strong for me.
[name]Abigail[/name]- too popular for my taste

@Daisy451- you have some great ideas!

[name]Cecily[/name] - I love this one, but am not sure about the “blind” part. ?
[name]Felicity[/name] - I like this one a lot too, do you think using one of those ([name]Cecily[/name] or [name]Felicity[/name]) with [name]Eliana[/name] would lock me into a frilly, girly-girl style?
[name]Lucy[/name] - [name]LOVE[/name] this name, but my husband isn’t convinced.
[name]Vivienne[/name] - not one I had considered, but it’s worth looking at…

Thanks so much! Any other ideas, anyone? Keep 'em coming!

how about any of these:

cambry - change
[name]Makeda[/name] - i know you said you werent fond of the “a” ending but i thought id throw it in there just in case :wink: meaning cup or vessel
Lavi - type of herb but i found it when i was looking for my daughters name on a website for bible names…it was someones son cant remember who’s
[name]Sage[/name] - wise, healthy

Oooh. [name]Sage[/name] would make a nice middle name.

What do you guys think of these ideas?

[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Charlotte[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Lucy[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Shiloh[/name] - Is the [name]Jolie[/name]-[name]Pitt[/name] connection too strong? I like that it goes with [name]Eliana[/name] in that it’s also Hebrew & means God’s gift.
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Eden[/name] - this is my husband’s favorite, but it strikes me as a bit on the trendy side
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Evangeline[/name] - again, is the E thing too much?
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Florence[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Amity[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Felicity[/name] - too much stylistic similarity?
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Piper[/name] - too much stylistic contrast?
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Sophie[/name] (like this a lot, but not sure I can reconcile with the high popularity).

a few more…(sorry, if any one actually this I’m probably boring you to death). I’d love some honest feedback!)

[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Ruby[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Cecily[/name] - wow that’s a lacy combo
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Vivienne[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Briony[/name](my husband’s dad is [name]Brian[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Alice[/name] (not sure my husband would go for this one)

My favs off your list are:

[name]Eliana[/name] and [name]Briony[/name] (it has personal meaning to you and it’s one of the least frilly flower names)
[name]Eliana[/name] and [name]Charlotte[/name] (I love the nn [name]Lottie[/name], and [name]Charlotte[/name] is feminine but not frilly)
[name]Eliana[/name] and [name]Amity[/name] (they’re cute together :))
[name]Eliana[/name] and [name]Felicity[/name] (they seem to work really well together but probably not the best if you don’t want a frilly name)

I also loved the suggestion of [name]Phoebe[/name] :slight_smile: maybe nn [name]Bea[/name]?

Lets see if I can suggest anything else:

[name]Imogen[/name] (beloved child) - Im-uh-jen
[name]Esme[/name] (esteemed, beloved)
[name]Naomi[/name] (Hebrew - my joy, my delight)
[name]Beatrix[/name] (she who brings happiness)
[name]Iris[/name] (rainbow)
[name]Catrin[/name] (pure - Welsh form of [name]Catherine[/name])
[name]Keziah[/name] (Hebrew - [name]Cassia[/name] tree)
[name]Bridget[/name] (strength, power)
[name]Emmeline[/name] (industrious)
[name]Marni[/name] (Hebrew - causing joy)
[name]Celine[/name] ([name]Heaven[/name])
[name]Tierney[/name] (descendent of the [name]Lord[/name])
[name]Norah[/name] (light)
[name]Dionne[/name] (child of heaven and earth)
[name]Shalom[/name] (Hebrew - peace, instead of [name]Shiloh[/name] maybe?)
[name]Sarai[/name] (Hebrew - princess)
[name]Ariane[/name] (most holy)
[name]Anneliese[/name] (grace, pledged to God)
[name]Monet[/name] (the listener)
[name]Angeline[/name] (angelic, the messenger - instead of [name]Evangeline[/name] maybe?)
[name]Danae[/name] (Greek goddess of music and poetry)
[name]Amaris[/name] (lovely forever)
[name]Honor[/name] (virtue name)
[name]Ezri[/name] (Hebrew - helper, strong)
[name]Tanith[/name] (goddess of the moon and fertility)
[name]Lucienne[/name] (light)
[name]Shiri[/name] (Hebrew - song)
[name]Delyth[/name] (pretty and blessed)
[name]Isaline[/name] (pledged to God)
[name]Lenore[/name] (light)

I love [name]Amity[/name]! [name]Eden[/name] sounds great with [name]Eliana[/name] too.
other ideas-
[name]Carys[/name]- love

For some reason I’m not able to edit my posts. Anyone else?
I wanted to tell you I really like [name]Briony[/name]. As for [name]Eden[/name] being trendy I don’t think so. SSA baby names can give you the name ranking if you want to know the popularity of names in US. [name]Eden[/name] is ranked 205. [name]Eliana[/name] is actually more popular.
other ideas-
[name]Hillary[/name]- cheerful,happy

[name]Briony[/name] is so cute with [name]Eliana[/name]! [name]Love[/name] [name]Lydia[/name] and [name]Amity[/name], too.
Here are some more, sorry if there are repeats:

[name]Tabitha[/name] - love
[name]Veronica[/name] - I think you would love [name]Veronica[/name]'s meaning.

This is great feedback, and the ideas are great too! Thank you so much.
So far, the strongest contenders seem to be:

[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Amity[/name] - sweet
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Briony[/name] - these are gorgeous together. the closeness to my father-in-law’s name might be a deal breaker though.
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Charlotte[/name] - I just like this name, not sure why.
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Eden[/name] - I expect this is still my husband’s 1st choice. He likes [name]Eden[/name] [name]Sophia[/name].
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Felicity[/name] - nice pair, but such a frilly combo. [name]Do[/name] two girly-girl names lock me into this style for future girls?
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Phoebe[/name] - this might be growing on me - now we’ll have to see how my husband responds to it.
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Lydia[/name] - this is nice, but we have close friends with a [name]Lydia[/name] so I don’t think we would want to use it.

Others with potential:

[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Esme[/name] - we both like this, but it has the matching initial & the twilight thing working against it
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Florence[/name] - I like this.
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Imogen[/name] - love this, DH doesn’t
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Keziah[/name] - do you pronounce Kez-EE-uh, or Kez-EYE-uh? I prefer the later, but have heard the former.
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Shiloh[/name] - I still love this name. I actually had it on my list before [name]Shiloh[/name] [name]Jolie[/name]-[name]Pitt[/name] was born (there’s a story behind why, but I won’t take the time to share it in this post) but I might actually love it enough to overlook the association. I would love to hear honest opinions on the wisdom of that?

Another vote for [name]Briony[/name]. its kind of a perfect medium name girly without being too frilly strong without being too masculine. and i agree it goes very well with [name]Eliana[/name].

As for [name]Shiloh[/name] if you love this name keep it on the list. In years to come when she is growing your not even going to remember or associate that angelina jolie named her daughter the same name and neither will anyone who knows her, they will associate it with her. i wouldnt worry about it.

[name]Eliana[/name] and [name]Eden[/name] are cute together as well. And even tho they both start with “e” they are very different names so they dont sound too matchy matchy

I say [name]Keziah[/name] Kez-EYE-uh. I know a little [name]Keziah[/name] who’re super cute :slight_smile:

In all honesty I just don’t love [name]Shiloh[/name] regardless of the [name]Jolie[/name]-[name]Pitt[/name] connection. It sounds boyish and kinda like a pet’s name to me. But if it means a lot to you you should go for it. I’d love to hear the story of why you first loved it :slight_smile:

I am loving all the feedback. I’ve talked to my husband and [name]Briony[/name] is definitely out! He has a great relationship with his dad, but he would prefer not to use any obvious namesakes. [name]Phoebe[/name] is out too.

I don’t know if this is helpful, but if our child is a boy we’re likely going with [name]Miles[/name] [name]Isaiah[/name]. [name]Miles[/name] means “merciful & generous”, so I looked up girls names with the same meaning and I found [name]Clementine[/name]! [name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Clementine[/name] is cute, what do you think? The other boy names we could possibly use as first or middles are [name]Silas[/name], [name]Leo[/name], & [name]Liam[/name]. Not 100% on any of them.

@chan06- your input on [name]Shiloh[/name] & [name]Eden[/name] both is helpful. @ljandrl, I’m glad you know a Kez-EYE-ah. I prefer that pronunciation myself.

My [name]Shiloh[/name] backstory is just that we went through some infertility, and during that time I read the story of [name]Hannah[/name] in the Old Testement. [name]Shiloh[/name] is the name of the town where she went to pray in the temple to ask God for a child. The story is meaningful to me, and I when I read it, I thought Shiloh would make a beautiful name for a little girl. I had no idea it was considered a boys’ name and had never heard of the dog. =)

Eventually, we started the adoption process and were chosen to adopt identical twin preemie girls. We decided to name them [name]Shiloh[/name] [name]Michaela[/name] and [name]Eden[/name] [name]Sophia[/name]. The adoption ended up falling through, and even though we never even met the twins, those names didn’t feel right when our daughter was born several months later. On top of that, certain celebrities threw a serious wrench into my name plans when their famous daughter was named Shiloh.

By now, a lot of time has passed and we feel freedom to reclaim those names (if we choose), and that’s the story - thanks for asking @ljandrl. =)

And I wanted to add that we’re definitely not set on either of those names ([name]Shiloh[/name] or [name]Eden[/name]) though [name]Eden[/name] is definitely high on the list.

Aside from these two, I guess the others that are definitely still in the running are:

[name]Charlotte[/name], [name]Felicity[/name], [name]Clementine[/name], and MAYBE [name]Lucy[/name], [name]Esme[/name], [name]Piper[/name], or [name]Evangeline[/name].

I love [name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Charlotte[/name] with [name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Clementine[/name] coming in second. Too bad your husband vetoed [name]Briony[/name]. Here are some more suggestions.
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Claire[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Juno[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Frances[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Caroline[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Clio[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Jessamine[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Delilah[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Dolores[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Jocelyn[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Justine[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Ivy[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Juliet[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Iris[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Constance[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Adelaide[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Celeste[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Bernadette[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Madeleine[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Simone[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Pearl[/name]

I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Eliana[/name] and [name]Eden[/name] together

I like the suggestion of [name]Briony[/name], or how about [name]Antigone[/name]?

Great list! Here’s my two cents :slight_smile:

[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Charlotte[/name]–this is nice, but [name]Charlotte[/name] is nms
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Lucy[/name]–cute!
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Shiloh[/name] - Personally, I really like [name]Shiloh[/name]. But there is the Joile-[name]Pitt[/name] thing. And, my hubs (a TN native and history buff) would want me to tell you that [name]Shiloh[/name] is the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War in TN.
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Eden[/name] - nms. I agree with you, [name]Eden[/name] seems trendy for fn. [name]Ellie[/name] and [name]Eden[/name] is a little too matchy for me.
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Evangeline[/name] - Pretty. I’m on the fence with the E, [name]Ellie[/name] and [name]Evangeline[/name]–I think it flows nicely and sounds pretty.
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Florence[/name]-nms, but the names sound nice together
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Amity[/name]-nms, sounds like Amityville which scared me when I was younger.
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Felicity[/name] - too much stylistic similarity?–kind of, yes. But I like [name]Felicity[/name].
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Piper[/name] - too much stylistic contrast? [name]Ellie[/name] and [name]Piper[/name]–I dig it, cute!
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Sophie[/name]-beautiful, if you love a name, go with it.
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Ruby[/name]-yes
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Cecily[/name] - okay, [name]Ellie[/name] and [name]Sissy[/name], [name]Ellie[/name] and [name]Cecily[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Vivienne[/name]-beautiful.
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Briony[/name](my husband’s dad is [name]Brian[/name])-this is sweet.
[name]Eliana[/name] & [name]Alice[/name] (not sure my husband would go for this one).- I like the formal name combo. Not as sure of [name]Ellie[/name] and [name]Alice[/name], which could become [name]Ellie[/name] and [name]Allie[/name].