Help, I'm tired of searching for the perfect name.

I need help, I’ve almost reached the point where I’m tired of looking at baby names (unbelievable, right?). My family have veto’d the vast majority of names that I’ve put out as possibilities. The only 2 names left on the list are [name]Killian[/name] (probably with the traditional Irish spelling [name]Cillian[/name] ) and [name]Matthew[/name]. While I obviously really like these names (I suggested them after all) they lack the something special that I always thought the name I’d choose would have. I think they’re probably a bit too common.

To get to the point… What would you choose to name a boy with the surname [name]Christie[/name]?

:frowning: I’m sorry you are tired of it - sometimes taking a break DOES help.
And, not to be offensive, but you don’t REALLY have to give anyone veto power except your partner…
I think [name]Christie[/name] could go easily with many boy names, you could go surname or traditional (which it sounds like you are leaning that way).
Personally, I’d be thinking:
[name]Walter[/name] [name]Christie[/name]
[name]Connor[/name] [name]Christie[/name]
[name]George[/name] (;)) [name]Christie[/name]
[name]James[/name] [name]Christie[/name]

Maybe if you gave us your vetoed list we could come up with more off of those.

Veto was the wrong word to use. They disliked the names and that made the names drop in my opinion too. The baby’s father isn’t in the picture so my family are going to be a huge part in this child’s life. If I had my heart set on a name they weren’t fond of, I’d still choose it but I haven’t found a name like that yet.

A few of the names my list had included:
[name]Donnacha[/name] ([name]DUN[/name]-a-kah)
[name]Senan[/name] ([name]SEN[/name]-in)

I like names that are Irish, nature or literary in nature.


Irish Boy Names

Nature-y Boy Names

I love [name]Bennett[/name] and [name]River[/name]. Also, [name]Cabot[/name] and [name]Rio[/name] sound good w/your surname.





I am sorry to hear that you are having such trouble finding a name!

Here are some ideas for you:
[name]Kennon[/name] (see the recent blog post. I’m pretty sure it is Irish)

I like [name]Bennett[/name], [name]Griffin[/name], [name]River[/name] and [name]Jasper[/name]. I have [name]Griffin[/name] on my list with the nickname [name]Finn[/name]. :slight_smile:

Other suggestions:
[name]Rafferty[/name] (nn [name]Rafe[/name])

What about [name]Benjamin[/name]? More traditional than [name]Bennett[/name], but still a lovely name.

[name]Samuel[/name]/[name]Samson[/name]/[name]Seth[/name]/[name]Silas[/name]/[name]Simon[/name] - similar to [name]Senan[/name] & [name]Matthew[/name]

My major problem with [name]Killian[/name] for you is that it sounds like a surname and [name]Christie[/name] doesn’t, so I can see his name being reversed often. I grew up with someone with a name similar to [name]McKenna[/name] [name]Grant[/name] and his name was constantly flipped to [name]Grant[/name] [name]McKenna[/name].

What about [name]Duncan[/name]? Similarities to [name]Donnacha[/name], [name]Griffin[/name], and familiar like [name]Matthew[/name]

I really like both [name]Cillian[/name] (prefer this spelling - more traditional) and [name]Matthew[/name] (it’s handsome and refreshing compared to a lot of the trendy names being used today). Other suggestions, since you said you like Irish and nature names:
[name]Colm[/name]/Collum/[name]Callum[/name] - means “dove”. I prefer [name]Colm[/name].
[name]Conan[/name]/[name]Connor[/name] - means “wolf”, but maybe too associated with [name]Conan[/name] O’[name]Brien[/name]?
[name]Ronan[/name] - means “seal”.
Oisín - pronounced oh-[name]SHEEN[/name]. Means “deer”. Might be too weird for your family, though.
[name]Owen[/name] - means “yew tree”. Not sure it’s special enough for you, though.
[name]Niall[/name] - means “cloud”.