Help me decide on a girl name!

Hey! Can everyone rank these four girl names and give me alternate middle names as well? I’m hung up on [name]Kate[/name] at the moment!
[name]Ella[/name] [name]Kate[/name]
[name]Baylie[/name] [name]Kate[/name]
[name]Madison[/name] [name]Kate[/name]
Everleigh [name]Kate[/name]

Any input would be great! Thanks!!

[i]None of these names are my style at all, but they are all lovely and they all have a lovely flow.
My favourite would definitely have to be Everleigh [name]Kate[/name], while neither are my style, [name]Kate[/name] makes Everleigh feel absolutely beautiful and quite elegant. I love it.
My second choice would definitely have to be [name]Ella[/name] [name]Kate[/name]. Very cute and simple.
Third would be [name]Madison[/name] [name]Kate[/name]. I’m not a fan of [name]Madison[/name] at all, it’s too popular for my taste, but it’s a nice, solid well-aging combo.
[name]Baylie[/name] [name]Kate[/name] comes fourth becuase I feel that [name]Baylie[/name] is more masculine, though I don’t mind it for either gender. [name]Kate[/name] is a very feminine name in my eyes and they names seem too different in style, but the flow is nice although I don’t think it flows as nice as the others, especially compared to Everleigh [name]Kate[/name] and [name]Ella[/name] [name]Kate[/name]. I think [name]Baylie[/name] would be cute for a little girl, but it may not age well into adulthood.

I hope I helped! :slight_smile:

~ [name]Ebony[/name].[/i]

I think [name]Ella[/name] is by far the best of your choices. Second for me would be [name]Bailey[/name] (spelled that way). I don’t like the other two.

[name]Kate[/name] is cute for a middle name. You could also use a fuller form such as [name]Katherine[/name], [name]Kathleen[/name] or [name]Katarina[/name] - I love all three of those!

Other first names that may fit for you:


[name]Ella[/name] is also my favorite! My husband doesn’t like it as much, he’s really the one who likes [name]Baylie[/name]. I’m not sure how to sway him. I love [name]Isla[/name] but it’s the name of my husband’s best friend’s daughter so we couldn’t use it. :frowning:

1 [name]Ella[/name] [name]Kate[/name] - pretty but popular
2 Everleigh [name]Kate[/name] - lovely flow
3 [name]Madison[/name] [name]Kate[/name] - Ok but [name]Madison[/name] is “dated”
4 [name]Baylie[/name] [name]Kate[/name] - Too heavy on the “ay” sounds. Maybe [name]Baylie[/name] [name]June[/name]/[name]Jean[/name]/[name]Wren[/name]?

I chose [name]Ella[/name] for its sweet vintage charm over your more trendy choices. I just think [name]Ella[/name] would age better. Good luck.

[name]Ella[/name] [name]Kate[/name] - my number 1, the most classic and least trendy feeling though it seems a little dull. [name]Ella[/name] [name]Primrose[/name], [name]Ella[/name] [name]Genevieve[/name], [name]Ella[/name] [name]Clementine[/name], [name]Ella[/name] [name]June[/name], [name]Ella[/name] [name]Sidonie[/name], [name]Ella[/name] [name]Felicity[/name]
Everleigh [name]Kate[/name] - my favourite if I could spell it [name]Everly[/name], although I much prefer the French [name]Evenie[/name]. The Everleigh spelling looks trendy to me and trying too hard to look feminine. [name]Everly[/name] [name]June[/name], [name]Everly[/name] [name]Mae[/name], [name]Everly[/name] [name]Rose[/name], [name]Everly[/name] [name]Briar[/name], [name]Everly[/name] [name]Maeve[/name], [name]Everly[/name] [name]Giselle[/name], [name]Everly[/name] [name]Claire[/name], [name]Everly[/name] [name]Belle[/name], [name]Everly[/name] [name]Catherine[/name], [name]Everly[/name] [name]Margo[/name]
[name]Baylie[/name] [name]Kate[/name] - I do have a soft spot for [name]Baylie[/name], though I prefer the [name]Bailey[/name] spelling and prefer [name]Baye[/name] altogether. And I’m not keen on [name]Kate[/name] with [name]Baylie[/name], it feels too harsh. [name]Bailey[/name] [name]Jane[/name], [name]Bailey[/name] [name]Adele[/name], [name]Bailey[/name] [name]Clementine[/name], [name]Bailey[/name] [name]Celeste[/name], [name]Bailey[/name] [name]Rose[/name], [name]Bailey[/name] [name]Madeleine[/name], [name]Bailey[/name] [name]Sophia[/name], [name]Bailey[/name] [name]Susanna[/name], [name]Bailey[/name] [name]Annabel[/name], [name]Bailey[/name] [name]Josephine[/name], [name]Bailey[/name] [name]Imogen[/name], [name]Bailey[/name] [name]Seraphina[/name], [name]Bailey[/name] [name]Juliet[/name]
[name]Madison[/name] [name]Kate[/name] - my least fave of the lot. I’m just really not a [name]Madison[/name] fan. It feels manufactured to me, if that even makes sense?! I can’t explain it but it feels like a “plastic” name. [name]Madison[/name] [name]Phoebe[/name], [name]Madison[/name] [name]Aria[/name], [name]Madison[/name] [name]Eliza[/name], [name]Madison[/name] [name]Claire[/name], [name]Madison[/name] [name]Pearl[/name], [name]Madison[/name] [name]Sophie[/name], [name]Madison[/name] [name]Clara[/name], [name]Madison[/name] [name]Blythe[/name], [name]Madison[/name] [name]Frances[/name], [name]Madison[/name] [name]Ivy[/name], [name]Madison[/name] [name]Louisa[/name], [name]Madison[/name] [name]Lyra[/name]

[name]Hope[/name] that helps, good luck!

[name]Ebony[/name]- I like your point that [name]Baylie[/name] wouldn’t age well! I will bring that point up to my husband! :slight_smile:

  1. Everleigh [name]Kate[/name] is my favorite of your choices. Other thoughts: Everleigh [name]Mae[/name], Everleigh [name]Rose[/name]

  2. I much prefer [name]Bailey[/name] to [name]Baylie[/name], would age much better that way. If you wanted to use nn [name]Bay[/name], I think you still could with the traditional spelling. [name]Bailey[/name] [name]Gray[/name], I second [name]Bailey[/name] [name]Jane[/name] and [name]Bailey[/name] [name]Sophia[/name]

  3. [name]Ella[/name] [name]Kate[/name] is pretty, but feels like it needs a little something…I like [name]Ella[/name] it’s just so popular! [name]Ella[/name] [name]Lorraine[/name] (heavy on L, but I like the flow of it), [name]Ella[/name] [name]Katharine[/name], [name]Ella[/name] [name]Victoria[/name], [name]Ella[/name] [name]Martina[/name], [name]Ella[/name] [name]Amelia[/name]

  4. [name]Madison[/name] [name]Kate[/name]. Not a fan of [name]Madison[/name], but I think I would balance with a very classic mn like you’ve done with [name]Kate[/name], [name]Madison[/name] [name]Jane[/name], [name]Madison[/name] [name]Anne[/name], [name]Madison[/name] [name]Joan[/name]

[name]Ella[/name] [name]Kate[/name] - my fav of your list. It’s popular, but I’ve always loved this name

[name]Baylie[/name] [name]Kate[/name] - I think this is really cute, but spelled [name]Bailey[/name]. NN [name]Bay[/name] is adorable! My Dh really likes this one. Too modern for my taste but I like it.

[name]Madison[/name] [name]Kate[/name] - sooo popular and really dislike [name]Maddy[/name]. This one just rubs me the wrong way for some reason.

Everleigh [name]Kate[/name] - I like [name]Evelyn[/name], [name]Evangeline[/name], [name]Eva[/name], [name]Evie[/name], [name]Eve[/name]…but Everleigh sounds and looks made up to me

[name]Ella[/name] [name]Kate[/name]!
The rest are trendy, while [name]Ella[/name] is classy.

[name]Ella[/name] [name]Kate[/name] - I absolutely love this combo. [name]Ella[/name] [name]Catherine[/name] [name]Sofia[/name], nn [name]Ella[/name] [name]Cate[/name], is on my own long list, and I think it’s positively adorable. I would love to meet a little girl with this name some day. It’s classy, girly, and even though [name]Ella[/name]'s popular, I think it’ll age well, too.

I’m not really a huge fan of the other choices, sorry! [name]Madison[/name] and [name]Bailey[/name]/[name]Baylie[/name] are too unisex for me ([name]Bailey[/name] happens to be one of my favorite boys’ names!), but of the two, I like [name]Madison[/name] better for a girl. Everleigh I want to like–it has a sweet, cute sound, and the nn [name]Evie[/name] is adorable–but it’s too trendy for me personally. What about something like [name]Evelyn[/name] [name]Kate[/name], nn [name]Evie[/name]?

I like [name]Ella[/name] best, followed by Everleigh, but I think [name]Madison[/name] flows best with [name]Kate[/name].

[name]Ella[/name] [name]Kate[/name]

What about [name]Arabella[/name] [name]Kate[/name]?


I’m so excited that most of you picked [name]Ella[/name] [name]Kate[/name]! That is my favorite too!! I think it’s lovely and cute and will age well! I ran it by my mom and she said it wasn’t her favorite because someone she works with who has “tri-colored hair” is named [name]Ella[/name]. I really wish I wouldn’t have asked, it kinda took the wind out of my sails. Honestly, I’ll still use the name but I’m a little shocked that she would say she didn’t like it when she knew it was my favorite just because of a co-worker she doesn’t like. I’m also having trouble convincing my husband, but he picked the boy’s name so I feel like I should be the one to pick out the girl’s name.

  1. Everleigh [name]Kate[/name]- or Everleigh [name]Thea[/name], [name]Brynn[/name], [name]Orion[/name]
  2. [name]Ella[/name] [name]Kate[/name]- or [name]Ella[/name] [name]True[/name], [name]Reagan[/name], [name]Wren[/name]
  3. [name]Baylie[/name] [name]Kate[/name]- or [name]Baylie[/name] [name]Kathlyn[/name], [name]Paige[/name], [name]Mae[/name]
  4. [name]Madison[/name] [name]Kate[/name]- or [name]Madison[/name] [name]Nina[/name], [name]Averell[/name], [name]Coral[/name], [name]Blythe[/name]

I love [name]Bailey[/name] [name]Kate[/name]!

[name]Ella[/name] [name]Kate[/name] - Like a lot. Favourite by far. Also like many other [name]El[/name]- names, and many -ella ending names if you wanted to make [name]Ella[/name] a nickname rather than a full name. [name]Eleanor[/name], [name]Eliana[/name], even [name]Elizabeth[/name] or [name]Gabriella[/name], [name]Arabella[/name], etc. Very flexible with many attractive options.

[name]Baylie[/name] [name]Kate[/name] - This is dreadful to me, sorry. I don’t like [name]Bailey[/name] very much, except the liqueur. The liqueur is cool. The name, less so for a boy. [name]Even[/name] less so for a girl. [name]Even[/name] less than [name]Bailey[/name] for a girl is [name]Baylie[/name] for a girl.

[name]Madison[/name] [name]Kate[/name] - I really like [name]Madeline[/name]/[name]Madeleine[/name], but I really don’t like [name]Madison[/name].

Everleigh [name]Kate[/name] - second favourite of your list, would vault to first if it was [name]Evelyn[/name] or [name]Evangeline[/name] or [name]Evanthe[/name]

I also like [name]Katherine[/name], [name]Kathleen[/name], and [name]Katerina[/name] as first names. They make strong yet feminine sounding names and [name]Kate[/name] is always usable as the first name, and it seems to be the one you love the best.