Help me decision on spelling.

I have finally picked my baby’s name: [name]Ani[/name] Ilys

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My concern is that everyone will right away call her [name]Annie[/name] instead of (ah-nee) so ive thought of two other options. [name]Feel[/name] free to tell me “no” “thats crazy” or “that doesnt look right” LOL

2 other options:
Ony or Oni
middle name with stay the same… i love the sound of the name and how it sounds with the middle, i really just dont want ppl calling her [name]Annie[/name].


I would suggest sticking with [name]Ani[/name]. In my accent (Australian), Oni and [name]Ani[/name] sound completely different. There’s no way I would pronounce Oni the way you want it the first time, and I think you’ll find that there are a lot of other accents (including some American accents) that are the same. On the other hand, I intuitively pronounced [name]Ani[/name] “ah-nee”.

I also think that a lot of the beauty of [name]Ani[/name] is lost with an “O” at the start.

I agree with oldsienna, stick with [name]Ani[/name]. As an American I would pronounce Oni with a long o sound. Since [name]Ani[/name] is not spelled like [name]Annie[/name], I think people might realize it’s not pronounced the same as [name]Annie[/name]. Of course there will be mispronunciations, but I think spelling it [name]Ani[/name], will be the least misunderstood spelling for the pronunciation /ah-nee/.

Again, I think you should spell it [name]Ani[/name].

Thanks everyone. I also think its prettier with an A than an O…I guess there well just be lots of correcting in her future.

I think [name]Ani[/name] is cute and I love Ilys! I think it depends on where you live as to what people will call her. If you live in a really Southern area, people might call her [name]Annie[/name], but even then it is a stretch.