Help me with my halloween costume!


i need ideas for a halloween costume! i have a costume party on saturday and don’t really have time to buy clothes since my birthday is on friday (the costume party is another friend’s birthday) so i want something easy to do

i know almost everyone now chooses a character from a series or movies but im not a big movie fan? maybe a character from a series could be… (i like sitcoms)

my strongest option so far is robert plant, i already have the clothes so that would be easy, i have to do something with my hair probably but idk

what do you think? do you have any suggestions? do you think robert plant is a good idea? idk, im afraid nobody’s gonna know who he is lol but im running out of time

TIA :pray:

I don’t know who [name_u]Robert[/name_u] Plant is but depending on who else is invited maybe your friends will. Some easy Halloween costumes that you can do with things you probably already have are:
[name_m]Black[/name_m] cat - black pants, black shirt, use makeup to draw on a nose and whiskers
Scarecrow or farmer - jeans, flannel, to make it a scarecrow you can use makeup to draw the patches on your face and stuff straw coming out of your arms and legs
Big baby - onesie or PJs, carry a pacifier or bottle around with you

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thank you! scarecrow or farmer is a good idea!

robert plant’s the singer of led zeppelin :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: my fav band and my fav singer
my friends do know who he is since we listen to similar music but i don’t know anyone at this party and im 100% sure no one listens to led zeppelin, maybe they know the band but i dont think they’re gonna know the name of the singer and even less how he used to dress so idk

he always used to put on a very 70s jean (which i already got), boots (also got) and a floral shirt (which i kinda have but im doubting on what to use)