Help Me with My UC

I have no idea if this is the right place to put this but I’m starting to create a UC. This is my first real UC that’s not just names from my compromise babies. I don’t really have combos (only for my number 1 boy’s name) so is it okay just to add “lose” names to a UC? Also, how many names is average and how do you narrow down your list to showcase just your favorites? Lastly, what are some nice, neat ways to format all of the names?
Sorry for all the questions!

it’s nice to have you here! :hugs:

honestly, i don’t think there is a rule when it comes to creating your uc. just have fun! :sparkles:

in my opinion, your uc for displaying those combos that define your style and that are the closest to your heart! :blush:

my advice: explore, create and have fun! :yellow_heart:

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Thank you @norin! That really helps!

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Honestly, your user card is your space to showcase your style and I think you can do what you like!!! Adding loose names is totally fine and I’d say maybe start with ten names?