Help naming a Hybrid Species for my story

Hello! It’s been a while haha! So I need help naming a species for my story. The main character is a hybrid. She’s a wolf-cat hybrid. But! I need a name for this wolf-cat species because she’s not just a werewolf or werecat. She’s essentially both mixed into one because her father was a werewolf and her mother was a werecat so she’s a wolf-cat.

I’ve tried all the species name generators I could and none of the names those generators gave me felt right for this new specie. I would and appreciate the help! Thanks!

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Were-colf :sparkles:

I’m honestly not sure if it needs a name. She’s unique, one-of-a-kind, right? I think you could play with that, just having characters describe her as half-and-half, like you said.

[name_f]Feline[/name_f] + Lycan = Felycan?

Canine + [name_f]Feline[/name_f] = Caline?


Were-colf honestly sounds amazing. She’s unique and one-of-a-kind that’s for sure. She’s the only one in her family that’s not one or the other. Wolf-cat sounded cool but I thought maybe having a scientific name would be better. But either works I suppose ha!

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Felycan sounds awesome. Very unique and rolls right off the tongue!

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Felupine, Canis catus or Felis Lupus


Oooh I like those!!

Perhaps a Felupine?

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