Help! Naming Twins!

I am pregnant with twins, but I don’t know what goes with my other daughters’ names; [name]Malaya[/name], [name]Mikayla[/name] and [name]Jakarta[/name]. I’m thinking of [name]Juliet[/name] and [name]Romeo[/name] if they’re mixed boy and girl, but my husband doesn’t think that would be good. I still want to name one of the babies [name]Juliet[/name] if one is a girl. Help! We need another girl name and two boy names that go with [name]Malaya[/name], [name]Mikayla[/name] and [name]Jakarta[/name].

[name]Romeo[/name] and [name]Juliet[/name] is terrible. They are brother and sister, not star crossed lovers… and you [name]DON[/name]'T want them thinking they are, or their classmates thinking they are either. Poor kids. [name]Juliet[/name] alone is really pretty and would go with your other J daughter.