HELP!!! Need Advice on Bridesmaids Favors.

Hey Berries -

Something totally off name topic from me but I’d love some input on what to get my bridesmaids as a gift at our wedding. I’d ask my Maid of [name_f]Honor[/name_f] for advice but he’s a dude and gave me the same gift his wife gave her bridesmaids for their wedding so he’s not of great help.

I know jewelry, or a clutch or something is traditional but, they jewelry I’ve gotten as a bridesmaid I’ve never worn again, I rarely use a tiny bag and the faux-pashmina scarf I got I basically already owned (seriously how many light blue scarfs dose one gal need?).

So I thought it might be nice to get something that we could use that day.
However, here are my dilemmas.

  1. The only think I’ve come up with so far is dressing robes. I figured I’d look for something in silk or cotton on Etsy. (I thought this would also be cute as my MOH is a guy and it would allow the girls to be covered up without having to already wear their dress.)
    1.5) I’ve never bought anything of Etsy besides ribbon so… if you have do you have vendors you like or that did a good job? Or ones to avoid like the plague?

  2. [name_f]My[/name_f] Fiance is really set on getting his guys watches that will cost three times what a robe would cost. He got one at a wedding and thought its as the coolest thing ever - and is now obsessed. I don’t want the girls to feel like they got “shafted” in the gift department since they are traveling much farther to be at our wedding. One is coming to the states from [name_f]India[/name_f], another from the other side of the country (both with their babies).

I could probably swing around $100 a person. (If that helps in the suggestion area).

I really, really appreciate any suggestions, advice and help. (I know I’m sounding a bit nutty).


Take this from me: SAVE YOUR MONEY. Robes are a good idea. Etsy vendors have reviews right on their page, just click on the “feedback” link or whatever it is. From what I’ve seen you can usually get a “batch” done and it isn’t too expensive (well under $50 each). None of your girls are going to feel shafted because your OH gets fancy gifts for his guys. [name_m]Don[/name_m]'t go looking for something more to get your girls just for the sake of spending the same amount as the guys.
You are going to want some extra “oh crap” money for all the random things that come up at the last minute, so if you can save a little here then jump on it.

I like the Kimono style silk robes as opposed to terry cloth ones or something, and I think they make for prettier photos too.

I think dressing robes is a lovely idea, I actually wanted to suggest it before I read that you already considered it. I’ve never bought clothing from Etsy, so I don’t have any advice, but generally there are a lot of reviews (I believe most of them are real, because the stuff watches that).
I just followed the link of the picture of bridesmaids in cute robes I had pinned before and it lead me to this shop: They sell some wonderful things! I like how their robe sets are matching, but not identical.

If you have a specific wedding theme, let it inspire you. Is it photography? Give them analog cameras. Is it farm wedding? Give them cool wellies. Is it music? Give them headphones.

If I were to plan my own wedding I’d probably choose engraved iPods or iPads. I’d get engraved something meaningful for us (different for each bridesmaid) and then something like “P+M 09/02/09” (your initials and wedding date).

Other ideas I like:

  • a huge bag of candy;
  • a pair of amazing heels;
  • beautiful lingerie;
  • tickets to her favorite band concert;
  • gift certificate to her favorite shop (might be not very creative, but always works).

We were going to do small bottles of liquor for our wedding party. One of my bridesmaids is also a dude (my bridesninja) and my maid of honor is a tomboyish country girl, they definitely don’t want purses and stuff like that.

Edit: wow auto-correct maid tomboyish into trombonist ^^

The robe idea sounds lovely :slight_smile: I was a flower girl in a wedding once when I was 9, and the bridesmaids received gift cards for a store they liked (the bride’s nieces and godchildren were the wedding party - my sister is her goddaughter so I was in the wedding too), and I think they also got a few soaps and things like that? Maybe hitting up Bath & Body Works and picking up some of their gift sets would be a nice idea to go with the robes? :slight_smile:

I love the robe idea and I don’t think the girls will feel like they got shafted at all! Ilooked around a little and it seems like there are a lot of sellers who do this so9rt of thing and even some who can monogram them for you

Thanks for all the support on the robes.

@katieydenberg and @moonkai I hear you both on saving money for and “oh shit” moment. (I built in a 15% contingency budget for that reason). I’m still worried about the money issue though. I wouldn’t worry if it were a $20 difference but if he’s getting them watches at $100 and I’m giving them robes at $25 it feels very off kilter to me. (Esp since my bridesmaids have to travel really far and his guys all live in town).

@polina What do you think of seeing if I can add a matching or complimentary night shirt to the robe? So it’s more a of a set?

@claraoswinoswald & @lawsonhaley thanks for the positive affirmation and support! You ladies rock!

Also follow up question: Would you personally prefer silk or faux-silk or cotton?

I think adding a night shirt to the robe is a wonderful idea! Perhaps also a sleep mask and slippers?

I prefer silk to faux silk, but to silk I prefer cotton… I’m just weird. I think most people like silk better.

Robes and sleepwear sound like a good idea :slight_smile: They’re practical, something they could use on the day and still be using regularly five years from now if they wanted.

Adding on to that suggestion: Robes bring to mind relaxation and comfort to me so a special spa day could be a nice favour if you’re into that sort of thing. If you can afford it you could go somewhere upscale that you wouldn’t normally go to. Maybe pay for a basic treatment package and the girls can pay for various add-ons individually if they want. Spending time in a small group would give you a chance to interact with them. And for them to meet, renew acquaintances, or hang out with each other. If you’re having a big wedding you may be super busy running around and scheduling relaxation may just be in order!

I would prefer cotton, it’s comfier for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I decided on getting cotton floral robes that are sort of in our wedding colors.
And I am thinking about personalized water bottles or nightgowns for underneath.

Thank you Ladies for all your help!!! You all rock my socks off.