Help with baby acid reflux

Hey Momberries!

Any advice for baby with acid reflux? Went to the doctor and the medicine that they used to prescribe for acid reflux has been recalled. We’ve done gripe water and probiotics drops and those don’t seem to help. We burp her, and do tummy time and little bicycle exercises. I’m exclusively breastfeeding, doctor said taking out dairy from my diet may help. Has anyone had success with changing diet? Any advice welcome! Thanks!

Hey, yes eliminating dairy seemed to be the thing that really helped us! It’s HARD though - there’s dairy hiding in some breads, and all sorts of other places. And it takes a few weeks to really see the change, so you have to stick at it. You also need to make sure you’re getting enough protein, fat, B12 etc from other sources. Dark dairy free choc is an option for when you need that choc fix too.

I was never offered meds for my babe as kept being told that it was probably just normal baby spilling… but she was so unsettled and screamy before each spill up, and seemed like a miserable baby in general. Crazy seeing my friend’s newborn have “calm happy awake time”. I didn’t know that existed at the newborn stage.

Going dairy free was an absolute game-changer, and I was able to start eating it again when she was 6 or 7 months or so with no problems. She can eat dairy happily now too, apparently being sensitive to milk proteins in breastmilk as a baby is common and no indication that they’ll have any allergy or intolerance to milk sugars as an older child.

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