Help with combos! :)

Now that I pretty much have a solid name list, I’ve been thinking a little about combos. Here’s what I have so far:

[name]Julia[/name] [name]Clementine[/name]
[name]Genevieve[/name] [name]Lydia[/name]
[name]Cordelia[/name] [name]Ivy[/name]
[name]Fiona[/name] [name]Maeve[/name]
[name]Louisa[/name] [name]Frances[/name] (also [name]Louisa[/name] [name]Maeve[/name])
[name]Adela[/name] [name]Josephine[/name] (I’ve been debating between [name]Josephine[/name] and [name]Jessamine[/name])
[name]Eloise[/name] [name]Margaret[/name]
[name]Aurelia[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name]

Pick your favorites and least favorites, or just comment! I’d love more ideas of middle names for [name]Cordelia[/name], [name]Fiona[/name], and [name]Aurelia[/name] in particular, if possible, or any other suggestions you might have. And I’m far from pregnant, just a name lover.


I think [name]Adela[/name] [name]Josephine[/name] and [name]Cordelia[/name] [name]Ivy[/name] flow the best. I think [name]Lydia[/name] is too hard of a second syllable with [name]Genevieve[/name] (my favorite name on your list) maybe go with [name]Genevieve[/name] [name]Louise[/name]/[name]Lucille[/name]?

PRETTY NAMES. I agree with the earlier poster… [name]Genevieve[/name] [name]Louise[/name] is another good choice that flows really well.

My favourite combo on my own list is [name]Juliette[/name] [name]Elizabeth[/name]. I love [name]Elizabeth[/name] as a middle name, it goes really well. [name]Elizabeth[/name] would go well with all of these names, but either than that I’ll choose other ones for the names you really wanted middle names for.
[name]Cordelia[/name] Aleaxandra
[name]Fiona[/name] [name]Ann[/name]
[name]Aurelia[/name] [name]Gwendolyn[/name]

Good luck!,

My favorites, though I like all of them, are [name]Cordelia[/name] [name]Ivy[/name], [name]Louisa[/name] [name]Frances[/name], [name]Aurelia[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name]. For [name]Adela[/name], I prefer [name]Adela[/name] [name]Josephine[/name], since I think that [name]Adela[/name] and [name]Josephine[/name] are more similar in style than [name]Adela[/name] and [name]Jessamine[/name].


[name]Cordelia[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name]
[name]Cordelia[/name] [name]Frances[/name]
[name]Cordelia[/name] [name]Josephine[/name]
[name]Cordelia[/name] [name]Margaret[/name]

[name]Fiona[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name]
[name]Fiona[/name] [name]Clementine[/name]
[name]Fiona[/name] [name]Jessamine[/name]
[name]Fiona[/name] [name]Margaret[/name]

[name]Aurelia[/name] [name]Frances[/name]
[name]Aurelia[/name] [name]Ivy[/name]
[name]Aurelia[/name] [name]Josephine[/name]
[name]Aurelia[/name] [name]Margaret[/name]

[name]Cordelia[/name] [name]Bridget[/name]
[name]Cordelia[/name] [name]Niamh[/name]
[name]Cordelia[/name] [name]Rosemary[/name]
[name]Cordelia[/name] [name]Violet[/name]

[name]Fiona[/name] [name]Bridget[/name]
[name]Fiona[/name] [name]Caroline[/name]
[name]Fiona[/name] [name]Clemence[/name]
[name]Fiona[/name] [name]Violet[/name]

[name]Aurelia[/name] [name]Bridget[/name]
[name]Aurelia[/name] [name]Caroline[/name]
[name]Aurelia[/name] [name]Niamh[/name]
[name]Aurelia[/name] [name]Violet[/name]


Thanks! I really like [name]Cordelia[/name] [name]Margaret[/name], [name]Cordelia[/name] [name]Rosemary[/name], [name]Fiona[/name] [name]Jessamine[/name], [name]Fiona[/name] [name]Clemence[/name], and [name]Aurelia[/name] [name]Niamh[/name].

Any more opinions?

[name]Julia[/name] [name]Clementine[/name] - I’m not a huge fan of [name]Clementine[/name], but this sounds really cool together
[name]Genevieve[/name] [name]Lydia[/name] - not my favorite. it doesn’t flow off my tongue quite as well as your other names
[name]Cordelia[/name] [name]Ivy[/name] - love it
[name]Fiona[/name] [name]Maeve[/name] - not my fav either
[name]Louisa[/name] [name]Frances[/name] (also [name]Louisa[/name] [name]Maeve[/name]) - I like [name]Louisa[/name] [name]Frances[/name] alot. w/ [name]Maeve[/name] not as much, but I like [name]Maeve[/name] more w/ [name]Louisa[/name] than [name]Fiona[/name]
[name]Adela[/name] [name]Josephine[/name] (I’ve been debating between [name]Josephine[/name] and [name]Jessamine[/name]) - [name]Jessamine[/name]! it’s one of my current name crushes. [name]Adela[/name] [name]Jessamine[/name] sounds really pretty.
[name]Eloise[/name] [name]Margaret[/name] - great, solid name combo!
[name]Aurelia[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name] - I like it