So I have posted on here with the name [name]Savannah[/name] (DH absolutely loves this name I don’t love it but like it enough) my favorite is [name]Lily[/name], but am put off by the popularity status at the moment. I recently came across [name]Lilia[/name] and I am in love, the perfect name finally (although DH has not let go of [name]Savannah[/name] yet I will keep working on that:))… She will surely get lily as a sort of nn but I am happy with that!
Now for a mn! I love double mns but need help with ideas and opinions on the few I like :), [name]Skye[/name] is my sisters name and would love to have her name as one of the mn but am not definite on that. Some names that I like for the combos are I like the one syllable to go as the 2nd mn too…


I am open to new name combos, combos with these names ANYTHING! please no ‘B’ names as our last name begins with b and they bump into eachother. I look forward to seeing your ideas!

Thank you! :slight_smile: