Help with lists please

[name]Hi[/name] there,

Looking for a name for a sibling to [name]Sidney[/name] [name]Warren[/name] (pn woh-ren) who goes as [name]Sid[/name]. I’m looking for a name which will compliment his name as they will only be 10 months apart in age… Our surname is [name]Matthews[/name]. Would apppreciate some thoughts on my lists so far and any other ideas for either gender but especially girls (I’m fairly happy with the boys lists but am always open to other ideas!).



Thankyou all so much

[name]Darcy[/name]: I don’t think this works with a brother named [name]Sidney[/name]. It’s way too confusing-- I think you need a clearly gendered name, at least for a girl. I see [name]Darcy[/name] as more masculine than feminine, anyway.

[name]Eve[/name]: [name]Eve[/name] is lovely and underused, and it’s nice with [name]Sidney[/name].

[name]Phoebe[/name]: I really like [name]Phoebe[/name], but [name]Sidney[/name] and [name]Phoebe[/name] may be too matchy…

[name]Ruby[/name]: I’m not a fan of [name]Ruby[/name]. It seems trendy, and again with the matchiness…

[name]Imogen[/name]: I cannot see the appeal of [name]Imogen[/name]. It just doesn’t seem like a name to me.

[name]Alice[/name]: I adore [name]Alice[/name]! [name]Alice[/name] and [name]Sidney[/name] are wonderful together.

[name]Hazel[/name]: [name]Hazel[/name] and [name]Sidney[/name] would be excellent too!

My favorites are [name]Eve[/name], [name]Alice[/name], and [name]Hazel[/name]. :slight_smile:


[name]Rowan[/name]: This is very nice, and I like how [name]Sidney[/name] and [name]Rowan[/name] are more unisex but clearly masculine (in my opinion).

[name]Francis[/name]: I really like [name]Frances[/name] for a girl, so I’m not a fan of [name]Francis[/name] for a boy.

[name]Oscar[/name]: This is a nice name; not a particular favorite of mine, but nice enough.

[name]Oliver[/name]: I really like [name]Oliver[/name], but some of your others are better with [name]Sidney[/name].

[name]Rupert[/name]: I think it has a kind of silly sound, but then there’s [name]Rupert[/name] Grint, so I don’t know…

[name]Harvey[/name]: I don’t like this at all.

[name]Morgan[/name]: I really like this with [name]Sidney[/name].

My favorites for the boys are [name]Rowan[/name], [name]Morgan[/name], and [name]Oscar[/name].

My favorites with [name]Sidney[/name] [name]Warren[/name] are [name]Alice[/name], [name]Hazel[/name], [name]Rupert[/name], and [name]Morgan[/name]. [name]Matthews[/name] is the last name? [name]Alice[/name] [name]Hazel[/name] [name]Matthews[/name] and [name]Morgan[/name] [name]Rupert[/name] [name]Matthews[/name]?

[name]Lemon[/name] :slight_smile:

[name]Hi[/name] [name]Rachel[/name], love your lists! Thank you for liking some of my suggested names. All of them go well with [name]Sidney[/name]. The decision remains with you and what image you would like for your daughter. If you want to go fun and spunky, pick [name]Darcy[/name], [name]Phoebe[/name], [name]Imogen[/name] or [name]Ruby[/name] (I don’t mind if a girls name ends with the same letter or sound as [name]Sidney[/name]). If you want something more ladylike and classic, choose [name]Alice[/name], [name]Hazel[/name] or [name]Eve[/name]. I always think it’s best to have a list of five names you love for each gender, then when the baby is born, try them out! You may like [name]Darcy[/name] but she may “look” like an [name]Alice[/name]!!! You wanted more suggestions for girls…

Thankyou all so much!

The gender confusion was my reservation about using [name]Darcy[/name] so may strike that one off even though I love the name but I’ll leave it on for now. [name]Eve[/name] is my favourite of the girls list as it stands - just love the way it sounds with our surname. Of the other suggestions I really like [name]Helen[/name] thanks and possibly [name]Alma[/name]… not sure but will put it on list for now (like it better than the ee ending names!) The others just aren’t quite right but thanks for the suggestions - keep them coming! Have decided against [name]Imogen[/name] (too hard to say with our surname) and most of the names ending in ee sounds (don’t like the awkward rhymyness with [name]Sidney[/name])…
Revised list:
[name]Alma[/name]? (possibly just not sure about the repeated ma sounds in [name]Alma[/name] [name]Matthews[/name])

[name]Lemon[/name] I do like the combination of [name]Alice[/name] [name]Hazel[/name] and [name]Morgan[/name] [name]Rupert[/name]. Yes [name]Matthews[/name] is our surname. We had 2 close runners up when we named [name]Sid[/name] which were [name]Rowan[/name] [name]Francis[/name] (We both love [name]Rowan[/name] and [name]Francis[/name] was my grandfather’s name) and [name]Morgan[/name] [name]Harvey[/name] ([name]Harvey[/name] is one of my all time favourite names but hub isn’t sure but he’s fine with it being in the middle and [name]Morgan[/name] is hubs fav name which I’m ok with!). We aren’t set on using those combinations at all though. I really like [name]Oscar[/name] too (thanks for that suggestion mischa!).

Of your revised list, I love [name]Eve[/name], [name]Alice[/name], and [name]Hazel[/name]. I’m glad [name]Eve[/name] is your favorite though, it’s really lovely.

My favorites are [name]Sidney[/name], [name]Hazel[/name], & [name]Morgan[/name] or [name]Sidney[/name], [name]Alice[/name], & [name]Morgan[/name].

[name]Alma[/name] [name]Matthews[/name] flows into each other so it wouldn’t be a great name. [name]Do[/name] you like [name]Ada[/name] or [name]Alba[/name] as an alternative to [name]Alma[/name]? [name]Ada[/name] [name]Matthews[/name] is a good name. But maybe you have chosen [name]Alice[/name] [name]Hazel[/name] in your heart and it would be a lovely choice.

Thankyou everyone! I really love [name]Eve[/name] - it kind of feels like thats her name (if we have a girl at all…). I do really like [name]Alba[/name] too though…
My hub will be so pleased that there’s so much love for [name]Morgan[/name] for a boy!!!