Help with Middle Name for Charlotte

Please help! I’m due in 4 days with a baby girl. Her name will be Charlotte but my husband and I can’t agree on a middle name. We are considering Grace and Mirabelle but are open to other options. Big brothers are Owen James and Ethan Parker. Thank you!

Charlotte Mirabel (I prefer this spelling) is gorgeous! Otherwise, how about:

Charlotte Luella
Charlotte Freya
Charlotte Edith
Charlotte Alice
Charlotte Clementine
Charlotte Marigold
Charlotte Scout
Charlotte Frances
Charlotte Maeve
Charlotte Stella
Charlotte Astrid
Charlotte Kaia
Charlotte Matilda
Charlotte Elodie
Charlotte June
Charlotte Willow
Charlotte Briar
Charlotte Nell
Charlotte Juno
Charlotte Isobel
Charlotte Lyra
Charlotte India
Charlotte Marlowe
Charlotte Allegra
Charlotte Emmeline
Charlotte Henrietta
Charlotte Arabella
Charlotte Flora

Good luck!

I LOVE Charlotte Grace! It flows so nicely and also I really like the shift from two-syllable first name to single-syllable middle name…in my mind I like to imagine how easily the name might be to yell if you have to yell for your kids to come back home from playing hahaha! Good luck and congrats on your third little wonder! She’ll be wonderful :smiley:

Charlotte Mirabelle is so stunning, I love it. Some other suggestions…

Charlotte Penelope
Charlotte Ava
Charlotte Aurelia
Charlotte Phillipa
Charlotte Maeve
Charlotte Olivia

Hope that helps, best of luck!

Charlotte Estelle
Charlotte Jolie
Charlotte Fawn
Charlotte Noelle
Charlotte Marisol
Charlotte Renee
Charlotte Esme
Charlotte Hope

Charlotte is such a smart, pretty name. Charlotte Mirabelle is unexpected and absolutely lovely; Charlotte Grace has such a sweet, simple, perfect flow. I prefer Mirabel to Mirabelle, if you go that route, but that’s just a personal preference! I love previous posters’ suggestions of Charlotte Clementine, Charlotte Marigold and Charlotte June. Mirabelle and Grace also make me think of:


I think both Grace and Mirabelle are lovely options! Mirabelle is less common, which would probably sway me in that direction.

I like Mirabelle a lot. Grace does feel a bit like a filler w/ a name like Charlotte that is a bit more common. I do really love Charlotte though, and congratulations!

Charlotte Vienna
Charlotte Adrienne
Charlotte Vivienne
Charlotte Arabella
Charlotte Araminta
Charlotte Amara
Charlotte Catherine
Charlotte Janelle
Charlotte Marina
Charlotte Angelica
Charlotte Savanna

Charlotte Mirabelle is so lovely!

Congratulations and best of luck :slight_smile:

Charlotte Mirabelle is gorgeous

You might also like Charlotte Arabella, Charlotte Camille or Charlotte Ruby

Hi there.

Charlotte is perfect as a little sister to Owen & Ethan! I much prefer Charlotte Mirabelle. It’s very pretty & plays off of the bold yet feminine vibe of Charlotte. Grace is fine, but such a filler mn these days.

A few other ideas:

Charlotte Amelia

Charlotte Amelie

Charlotte Daphne

Charlotte Emily

Charlotte Ivy

Charlotte Olivia

Charlotte Penelope

Charlotte Wilhelmina

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Mirabelle/Mirabel is nice, but I think that Grace is incredibly overused - it feels like every girl born over the past few years has the middle name Grace or Rose.

Charlotte Belle
Charlotte Elise
Charlotte Blair
Charlotte Ivy
Charlotte Celeste
Charlotte Arabelle
Charlotte Faye
Charlotte Ruby
Charlotte Estelle
Charlotte Delphine
Charlotte Camille
Charlotte Angeline
Charlotte Odette


Charlotte is a lovely choice. Mirabelle is somewhat the same style as Delilah and thought you may like Charlotte Delilah?

Charlotte Mirabelle is so cute! Charlotte Grace is nice too, but I personally wouldn’t use it because Charlotte is popular as a first and Grace is popular as a middle.

Some ideas:

Charlotte Skye
Charlotte Mae
Charlotte Elsie
Charlotte Emma

Here’s my charlotte list so far… (sorry for repeats!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Charlotte Mirabelle. Charlotte Grace is classic as well though, I’m a fan :slight_smile:

Charlotte Adelaide
Charlotte Andromeda
Charlotte Bee
Charlotte Bird
Charlotte Faith
Charlotte Genevieve
Charlotte Isabella
Charlotte Lilly
Charlotte Love
Charlotte Mae
Charlotte Magnolia
Charlotte Marie
Charlotte Pearl
Charlotte Sophia
Charlotte Sparrow

Congratulations! Charlotte is a lovely name! My suggestions are:
Charlotte Alice
Charlotte Lucy
Charlotte Delia
These are the things I like most

Charlotte Mirabelle would be a beautiful choice! Here are some more middle name ideas:

Charlotte Annabel
Charlotte Victoria
Charlotte Adeline
Charlotte Olivia
Charlotte Lucia
Charlotte Jemima
Charlotte Arabella
Charlotte Helena
Charlotte Margot
Charlotte Felicity
Charlotte Lavinia
Charlotte Theodora
Charlotte Adelaide
Charlotte Caroline
Charlotte Florence
Charlotte Cecilia
Charlotte Josephine
Charlotte Isadora
Charlotte Leticia
Charlotte Juno
Charlotte Ruby
Charlotte Alexia
Charlotte Amelia
Charlotte Flora
Charlotte Rebecca

I hope you like some of these :slight_smile:

Charlotte Eliza
Charlotte Adele
Charlotte Everly
Charlotte Vivian
Charlotte Evelyn
Charlotte Annabelle

Charlotte Mirabelle would be very pretty!

Charlotte Olivia
Charlotte Soleil
Charlotte Elena
Charlotte Rose
Charlotte Arabella