Help With name Lists?

Please can anyone help me figure out how to make my own private baby name lists???

Like say I want to make a list that’s my favorite A names- and want a place with them altogether

Favorite animal names and want them altogether in one place.

Please and thanks- the lists are confusing to me

On the main Nameberry site (not the forums), go to your Account:

Then click “Create a list”. You can set lists to public or private.

I hope that helps!

So it looks like I’ve made a few but there’s no names on list. So I’m assuming I could never figure out how to get them in there

You type them in (capitalised) and after each name, hit either Enter/Return, the comma key, or [name_u]Tab[/name_u]. This enters the names into the list, you’ll see a grey box around each name after you do this. Then click “Save” at the bottom.

Yes I’m seeing that you can type names. But I need to add them in as I see them. I’m not seeing where I can add names I see on my lists

There’s no other way to add names to lists at the moment apart from to type them in as described above.

Isn’t that something. Seems there would be a way.