Help With Some Names!

In one of my series, the main villain is [name]Frances[/name] “[name]Franny[/name]” [name]Fitzgerald[/name] and her family is the richest family in town. Her parents are divorced, her dad’s name is [name]Franklin[/name] “[name]Frank[/name]” and her mom is named [name]Monica[/name]. [name]Monica[/name] lives out of state with her boyfriend, who still needs to be named, and his daughter [name]Anita[/name], who is the same age as [name]Franny[/name]. I was thinking either [name]Rodney[/name], [name]Randy[/name], or [name]Rodrigue[/name] for the boyfriend. Any ideas on the last preferly some Hispanic or Latino! And seeing how Monica and her boyfriend will eventually get married, what would you name their future child?

My husband’s family is Mexican American, so here are some names from his family tree:


For [name]Anita[/name]'s future sister, I might use another Spanish-influenced name, such as:


I like [name]Camilla[/name] or [name]Camillia[/name]! It fits with both the prenticious side of [name]Monica[/name] and [name]Franny[/name] and the Spanish heritage of the boyfriend and [name]Anita[/name]!

For the name for the boyfriend I settled with [name]Rodrigue[/name], but is it ok to use [name]Rodney[/name] as a nickname? Also I’m using Delagdo as the last name!