Help with unsual girlie pretty B names


I am due my 2nd girl in december and i already have decided on the middle name which is after my nan [name]Louise[/name] so it has to go with the middle name also i want it to sound good with my first daughter [name]Bella[/name]-rose i have some names mostly b but i also like names with good meanings to

These are the names i have so far

[name]Berry[/name] louise
[name]Beeja[/name] louise
Biba louise
Bluebel louise
[name]Mena[/name] louise (means love)
[name]Bessie[/name] louise
[name]Betsy[/name] louise
[name]Vienna[/name] louise
[name]Florence[/name] louise

I hope u can help with some more ot tell me which on you think is best thanks nameberriers

I love [name]Florence[/name] [name]Louise[/name] with [name]Bella[/name]-[name]Rose[/name]! It’s classic and pretty. I think you’d be better off staying away from any other “B” names – I think a lot of them are very same-y.

Some other ideas:
[name]Isadora[/name] [name]Louise[/name]
[name]Amalie[/name] [name]Louise[/name]
[name]Francesca[/name] [name]Louise[/name]
[name]Scarlett[/name] [name]Louise[/name]
[name]Beatrice[/name] [name]Louise[/name] (this “B” works!)
[name]Serena[/name] [name]Louise[/name]

I’m not sure if it’s your style, but I love [name]Beatrix[/name]. [name]Bea[/name] and [name]Bella[/name] is really cute together.

I also love [name]Betsy[/name] off your list.

[name]Bluebell[/name] is so sweet and fun but i just have trouble taking it seriously. Plus, [name]Bella[/name]-rose and [name]Bluebelle[/name] are pretty matchy.

[name]Love[/name] the suggestion of [name]Beatrice[/name], or variations [name]Beatrix[/name] or [name]Betrys[/name]! Other B- names:

[name]BAYA[/name] [name]Louise[/name]!! GL