Her Son's Name is "Cree" ...

I’m referring to [name]Tia[/name] Mowry’s adorable son named Cree Hardrict. His nickname is “Cree-Cree”. I can’t ever see myself naming my kid Cree, but for some reason, it works in this case. On a scale, 1-10, I give it a 6. Does anyone else think so? Cree is a Native American male name. Maybe adorable kids can get away with having unusual first names! :smiley:

Why not, i like Native American names, they always got some special meaning. I will give it 7 points.

Is it really a Native American name? I’m familiar with it as the name of a tribe, like Cherokee or something. But happy to learn otherwise.
I know an adult woman with this name - I think I like it better on a girl/woman a little.
I’d say a 6, sure. I don’t love it, and I worry people would hear [name]Creed[/name] / get confused, but it’s simple and pleasant and not overly trendy.

Cree makes me think of the voice actor, Cree [name]Summer[/name], who’s a woman. She seemed to have been in every cartoon I watched as a kid. Behind the Name lists it as unisex and says that it’s the name of a Native American tribe in central [name]Canada[/name]. Interestingly, I just looked Cree [name]Summer[/name] up, and Wikipedia says that she was raised on a reservation, is a member of the Plains Cree First Nation, and has a brother named [name]Rainbow[/name] [name]Sun[/name].

I like it! I’d probably give it a 6 or a 7.

I like Cree, I think it’s cute.

I like Cree for either gender

I thought Cree sounded like an alien race and it actually was used by [name]Marvel[/name] (Kree).

I don’t absolutely hate it, in fact Creeley is sorta cool, but I don’t really like it either.

I always thought it was [name]Creed[/name]! I like Cree so much better. I’m still not a major fan of it.

Cree is nms. : /

Cree sounds incomplete to me though I like it’s spunk and I think I’d prefer it as a nn.

I know a woman who is part native american and her daughter’s name is Cree. It’s quite fitting on her.

I actually watched the Mowry sister’s new show for a while just because I wanted to see what she’d name her son. I have to say I was let down. I guess Cree just… Isn’t my style and like another poster said, it seems a little incomplete. Maybe because I know a guy named [name]Creed[/name]. I’m not sure, it just seems like a noise, not a name.

Its NMS but yet it does have kinda a nice sound to it. I give it a 5.

Hmm, it made me think of the affectionate nickname Cricri (pronounced like cree-cree) which I’ve heard a few times. I don’t mind it as a nickname, but Cree, and Cree-Cree, isn’t my style, especially as a full name.

Blah, I don’t like it but hey it could be worse. Lol

Rachelxoxo that is so true : D.

[name]One[/name] thing: it is easy to spell and pronounce!

While I still feel neutrally toward it, I had a more negative thought…

Isn’t cri the French word for cry? as in cri de couer, am I making this up?

Google confirms this. Whatever, names are often meaning something in another language, but still…

Croí, which is pronounced the same way, also means “heart” in Irish Gaelic!

Personally, I really like it. Growing up, I had a horse named Cree. She was actually named after the Native American tribe and along with being extremely beautiful, also had one of the smoothest gaits. Anyway, I think I’m partial to it being used for a little girl but I can see it being used as a boy’s name too. All and all, I give it a solid 8.

Cree [name]Summer[/name] was also in the cosby show spin off A different world, for us old folks who used to watch it thursday nights. :wink: I think its cute, boys have one syllable first names all the time like Cree and we get used to them. Totally not my style, but while I have no clue who this child is, I am sure it suits him just fine.