Here's my working list...

1st son is [name]Aden[/name] [name]Eric[/name] (I fell blindly in love with the “unusual” name [name]Aden[/name] and didn’t have any clue it was becoming so common! [name]Eric[/name] is Daddy’s name.)

What I lacked in research the first time around, I am probably overcompensating for now. I’ve got way too many ideas for baby #2. As for boys, it’s hard for me to really fall blindly in love with any name the way I did with [name]Aden[/name] when naming my first. I still love his name, but just wish his name wasn’t so popular. :slight_smile:

[name]Andrew[/name] ([name]Drew[/name])
Truen ([name]Tru[/name])
[name]Neil[/name] or [name]Neal[/name]
[name]Clifton[/name] (my father’s name is [name]Clifford[/name], but I don’t really like either [name]Clifford[/name] or [name]Clifton[/name])
[name]Jaxon[/name] (my maiden name is [name]Jackson[/name], but I don’t really like either [name]Jackson[/name] or [name]Jaxon[/name])

On the girl’s side, I really like LOTS of names, so it seems easier, even though making a decision might be harder. I feel a little safer to play with unique names for girls - I don’t worry as much that they will get teased as I do with a boy.

Najet (“Nah-jet” - like [name]Jeanette[/name] turned inside out)
Alisandra [name]Cathryn[/name] (combination family name - Grandma [name]Alice[/name], Mom [name]Lisa[/name], Aunt [name]Sandra[/name], Grandma [name]Catherine[/name])
Seaone (“Sey-ah-oh-ney”)

If you think I’ve missed some good ones, feel free to recommend. I wish a name would just jump into my heart and tell me it’s right!

[name]Just[/name] to start off I love your 1st boy’s name. [name]Aden[/name] [name]Eric[/name] is so adorable. And yeah, it is too bad that it so popular but it makes sense since it is such a lovely name.
Here my rating of the names you like:

[name]Andrew[/name] ([name]Drew[/name]) - I really like [name]Andrew[/name] and [name]Drew[/name] as a nn.
Truen ([name]Tru[/name]) - this is actually my first time hearing it. I immediately loved it and put it on my list. Thanks. :slight_smile:
[name]Neil[/name] or [name]Neal[/name] - I like this name. I do prefer [name]Neil[/name] for the spelling.
[name]Kai[/name] - I’m not a fan of this one.
[name]Kian[/name] - This one’s okay but not great for me.
[name]Arjun[/name] - [name]How[/name] do you pronounce this? I think it would cause difficulties.
Atom - This is actually kind of cute. I would never be brave enough to use it.
[name]North[/name] - I really like this. One of my faves.
[name]Niko[/name] - Bad connections for me but I cute name. I prefer [name]Nikolas[/name]/[name]Nicholas[/name] and [name]Nik[/name]/[name]Nick[/name] for a nn.
[name]Poet[/name] - Cute but pretty out there. Might seen kind of strange to have such an uncommon name when your first son’s name is sooo common these days.
[name]Pax[/name] - Cute. Not a favourite but not too bad.
[name]Reed[/name] - I like this one. But again, it’s not my favourite.
[name]Clifton[/name] - I don’t really like this one.
[name]Jaxon[/name] - I actually do really love this one. Personally I prefer [name]Jackson[/name] and I really like [name]Jack[/name] as a nn.

[name]Annalise[/name] - Very pretty. I love this sound of it.
[name]Alice[/name] - Cute. Makes me think of twilight these days but it is still very usable because of its popularity before twilight.
[name]Anya[/name] - This could work. I’m not a huge fan.
[name]Anais[/name] - This is nice. I like this one.
[name]Amelie[/name] - I really like this one. Probably a fave.
[name]Anjali[/name] - I really love the sound of it but not the spelling. Are there any other spellings of it?
[name]Emeline[/name] - This is very pretty sounding again but I don’t like the way it looks. Any other spellings?
[name]Nora[/name] - This name bothers me. I don’t know why.
[name]Naomi[/name] - Pretty.
[name]Nadia[/name] - I don’t like this one.
Jetzabet - Too out there for me.
Najet - This is cool but could cause problems.
Alisandra [name]Cathryn[/name] - This one is beautiful and I love the family combination thing. [name]Cathryn[/name] isn’t my favourite name ever but I really like Alisandra. Fave.
Seaone - Difficult to pronounce but pretty.

Favourites: [name]Andrew[/name], Truen, [name]North[/name] and [name]Jaxon[/name]. [name]Annalise[/name], [name]Amelie[/name], Alisandra [name]Cathryn[/name].

I feel the need to let you know some of my favourite names right now in the hopes that you might like some of the ideas.


[name]CAIA[/name] [name]BRECCAN[/name] [name]ROWE[/name]
[name]VERONICA[/name] [name]EVELYN[/name] [name]BLAIRE[/name]
[name]LYRA[/name] [name]SOPHIA[/name] [name]LUX[/name]
[name]SAOIRSE[/name] [name]MAY[/name] [name]WESLEY[/name]
[name]ALYS[/name] [name]LIEV[/name] [name]VERITY[/name]
[name]LUNA[/name] [name]KIER[/name] [name]RAINE[/name]
[name]VIOLET[/name] [name]RIVER[/name] [name]GRACE[/name]
[name]CLAIR[/name] [name]CARTER[/name] [name]MANON[/name]
[name]ARIA[/name] [name]CALLA[/name] [name]HANNELORE[/name]
[name]SIGNY[/name] [name]LANDON[/name] [name]SOLEIL[/name]


[name]HAYDEN[/name] [name]NATHANIEL[/name] [name]CRUZ[/name]
[name]BRECCAN[/name] [name]KNOX[/name] [name]SAWYER[/name]
[name]KALEB[/name] ALEKSANDER [name]MORGAN[/name]
[name]JACKSON[/name] [name]WHITNEY[/name] [name]WARNER[/name]
[name]BENJAMIN[/name] [name]ARIEL[/name] [name]FISHER[/name]

Yes, I know it’s strange to have two middle names but I just like too many names that I have to include as many as I can when I have kids. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey With Our Wings!
Thanks for loving [name]Aden[/name] [name]Eric[/name] with me. That makes me feel a little better about choosing it. I really couldn’t believe my ears when I started taking him to play dates and playgrounds and hearing it all over the place. Then I looked it up and found out that it was one of the top name choices for the year he was born. Doh! At least I really do like the name.

I made up Truen myself (although upon searching I think there are probably other people with that name out there somewhere). I hope enough people don’t add it to their lists to make it rise to the top! Somehow I doubt that will happen just because I posted it here. :lol: Anyway, it’s one of my favorites on my list as well. My sister says it’s too weird, but I think I might be willing to go a little weird this time around.

I like your names. You’re definitely way ahead of me with middle names picked out and all. I totally know how you feel about wanting to use two middle names! I will probably only have two children, so this is most likely my last. Another one that is on my long list that seems to fit with your group is Jathniel. I don’t know if you would like it, but it reminds me of [name]Nathaniel[/name] a bit.

[name]Andrew[/name]- Bias too this name but love it (even though I’m not crazy bout the nn)
Truen- Also my first time hearing this an [name]LOVE[/name] it’s amazingly adorable with a awesome nn
[name]Neil[/name] or [name]Neal[/name]- Egh… Not crazy bout it but prefer
[name]Kai[/name]- Also bias to this name but like it spelled Khai for a boy.
[name]Kian[/name]- Okay name
[name]Arjun[/name]- I actually love this name very unique but cute.
Atom- you would have to be very adventures to use this. I’m definitely not.
[name]North[/name]- [name]Love[/name] this name
[name]Niko[/name]- I am bias to a lot of your names lolz I love the way you spell it.
[name]Poet[/name]- [name]Love[/name] this name but like Atom very unique
[name]Pax[/name]- Cute name
[name]Reed[/name]- [name]LOVE[/name] this name maybe cuz I love Criminal Mindsv
I like [name]Clifton[/name] better then [name]Jaxon[/name].

Favorites: Truen, [name]Kai[/name], [name]Arjun[/name], and [name]North[/name]

On the girl’s side, I really like LOTS of names, so it seems easier, even though making a decision might be harder. I feel a little safer to play with unique names for girls - I don’t worry as much that they will get teased as I do with a boy.

[name]Annalise[/name]- Adorable name like it a lot.
[name]Alice[/name]- Also in love with this name but maybe a lot of [name]Alice[/name] in wonderland references
[name]Anya[/name]- Adorable name knew someone with it
[name]Anais[/name]- Really like this name ages well
[name]Amelie[/name]- like [name]Amelia[/name] better but its okay
[name]Anjali[/name]- Might be hard for people to pronounce but its cute
[name]Emeline[/name]- Adorable what about the nickname [name]Emme[/name]
[name]Nora[/name]- Okay not crazy bout it
[name]Naomi[/name]- Very exotic name love it
[name]Nadia[/name]- BAD association with octomom
Jetzabet- I really don’t like this name.
Najet- Also really don’t like this name.
Alisandra [name]Cathryn[/name]- [name]Love[/name] that is has so mush significance
Seaone- [name]Will[/name] have a very hard time pronouncing this name but I think its okay.

Favorites: [name]Annalise[/name], [name]Alice[/name], [name]Anais[/name], [name]Emeline[/name], and Alisandra [name]Cathryn[/name]

[name]Andrew[/name] ([name]Drew[/name])- I think this is great! [name]Andrew[/name] is a popular name, but I don’t hear too many Drews running around. The only problem is you may lock yourself into an “A” only situation.
Truen ([name]Tru[/name])- Not a fan. Seems made up.
[name]Neil[/name] or [name]Neal[/name]- This is a really interesting one to me. I kind of like it.
[name]Kai[/name]- I like it a lot!
[name]Kian[/name]- Another great option.
[name]Arjun[/name]- Sounds a bit too exotic next to [name]Aden[/name].
Atom- No way. Please, don’t do it. It’s all science to me.
[name]North[/name]- Generally I’m not a fan of word-names, but this isn’t so bad to me.
[name]Niko[/name]- [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Niko[/name]. I like it as a nickname for [name]Nicholas[/name] (or [name]Nikolai[/name] or any other variant) but it doesn’t have to be.
[name]Poet[/name]- [name]Soleil[/name] [name]Moon[/name] Frei’s daughter.
[name]Pax[/name]- I like this a lot. On its own, it’s a bit too brangelina for me, but I like it as a nickname for [name]Paxton[/name].
[name]Reed[/name]- Eh. No strong feelings.
[name]Clifton[/name] (my father’s name is [name]Clifford[/name], but I don’t really like either [name]Clifford[/name] or [name]Clifton[/name])- I like the family connection, but don’t pick a name you don’t really like! It would be a great middle.
[name]Jaxon[/name] (my maiden name is [name]Jackson[/name], but I don’t really like either [name]Jackson[/name] or [name]Jaxon[/name])- same thoughts as [name]Clifton[/name].

On the girl’s side, I really like LOTS of names, so it seems easier, even though making a decision might be harder. I feel a little safer to play with unique names for girls - I don’t worry as much that they will get teased as I do with a boy.

[name]Annalise[/name]- Very pretty. But again, the “a” thing.
[name]Alice[/name]- Ditto.
[name]Anya[/name]- Ditto again.
[name]Anais[/name]- I posted a thread about this name. I think it’s beautiful, but the consensus was too close to “anus.”
[name]Amelie[/name]- love it, but would be confused with [name]Emily[/name].
[name]Anjali[/name]- too exotic w/ aden.
[name]Emeline[/name]- ditto [name]Amelie[/name].
[name]Nora[/name]- Gorgeous.
[name]Naomi[/name]- another Gorgeous.
[name]Nadia[/name]- Familiar, but not common. Good choice.
Jetzabet- not a fan.
Najet (“Nah-jet” - like [name]Jeanette[/name] turned inside out) [name]Don[/name]'t like it.
Alisandra [name]Cathryn[/name] (combination family name - Grandma [name]Alice[/name], Mom [name]Lisa[/name], Aunt [name]Sandra[/name], Grandma [name]Catherine[/name])- I love all the family connections, but I’d spell it [name]Alessandra[/name] [name]Catherine[/name].
Seaone (“Sey-ah-oh-ney”)- don’t like it.

In case it matters… I tend to be drawn to slightly international names, especially Spanish and Russian ones but I’m not sure that we can pull those off. My husband and I are both American with mixtures of European (Eastern and Western) backgrounds. I have brown wavy hair, fair skin, some freckles, and dark blue eyes. My husband has dirty-blond hair, olive skin, and brown eyes. We were both light blond as kids and our hair has darkened with age. Our first son has white-blond hair and blue eyes. I’ve tended to knock out some of our more exotic name interests for this reason. For example, I really like [name]Anna[/name] [name]Louisa[/name] and Lluvia, but they are so obviously Hispanic names. Anyway, if you want to factor this in, you can and if you don’t think it matters, you can tell me so! :slight_smile: IT seems like as the world gets smaller and more diverse, this matters less and less.

If you’re worried about kids teasing your boy, stay away from [name]Poet[/name], Atom, and [name]North[/name]. Truen, [name]Pax[/name], [name]Niko[/name], and [name]Arjen[/name] are pushing it, too, but at least there isn’t the immediate word association. Though that movie “[name]North[/name]” with young [name]Elijah[/name] [name]Wood[/name] was pretty funny. I have to agree with the earlier post that [name]Anais[/name] just makes me think anus. Jetzabet, Najet, Seaone look and sound made up or like you’re trying too hard, but maybe that’s your style. I don’t hear of many Andrews or [name]Neils[/name] anymore and I like them a lot. I also like [name]Reed[/name]. [name]Emeline[/name] and [name]Annalise[/name] are my favorites of your girls. Nice evolution to what is being used currently.

Sorry. I didn’t mean to sound like a jerk at all. My post came off a little strong. I’ll be more careful next time.

If you like Truen, you might also like Truett. [name]Aden[/name] and Truett would be a cute pairing. [name]Reid[/name] is probably my fravorite off your list. It is less common then [name]Aden[/name] but still fits style wise with his name. Off your girls list I really like [name]Emeline[/name] and [name]Nora[/name]. I noticed a lot of A names on your girls list, you might want to avoid starting a theme if you are planning on have more than two kids.

No offense taken, Sucor. I will say that Jetzabet, Najet, and Seaone are all names of real people I have known and liked. I agree that they are a little unusual for American names (although I’m guessing they must be more common in the countries from which they came).

I know I have a lot of “A” names. I don’t know why I’m so drawn to that letter, but most of the names I actually like start with “A.” We only plan on having 2 kids, so I’m not too worried about starting a pattern. If I do have a 3rd child (which is rather unlikely) then I would probably end up wanting an “A” name anyway! :slight_smile: I do try to make myself like other names, but I have a really strong affinity for names that start with “A.” It isn’t intentional - just automatic.

[name]Andrew[/name] ([name]Drew[/name])- Classic nice
Truen ([name]Tru[/name])- its ok
[name]Neil[/name] or [name]Neal[/name]- dated
[name]Kai[/name]- like
[name]Kian[/name]- cute
[name]Arjun[/name]- not a fave
Atom- sounds like Atomic
[name]North[/name]- cute
[name]Niko[/name]- nice but very different style than [name]Aden[/name]
[name]Poet[/name]- This is a girls name to me
[name]Pax[/name]- feels a little short
[name]Reed[/name]- I really like this name
[name]Clifton[/name]- im confused you dont like this name?
[name]Jaxon[/name]- so very popular

[name]Annalise[/name]- very sweet
[name]Alice[/name]- classic
[name]Anya[/name]- very nice
[name]Anais[/name]- nice but pronunciation issues
[name]Amelie[/name]- very popular in my are but nice
[name]Emeline[/name]- nice growing in pop
[name]Nora[/name]- cute but pop
[name]Naomi[/name]- very cute wroks with son
[name]Nadia[/name]- nice
Jetzabet- I have done research on this name and I can only find it as a Latin womens name. This leads me to believe that it is a misspelled combo of [name]Jezebel[/name] and [name]Elisabet[/name]. In Puerto [name]Rico[/name] and [name]Columbia[/name] many women wanted to name their daughters after Lady [name]Diana[/name] but not knowing english very well their daughters were named “Ladeedee”. I would not use this name
Najet- looks made up and does not go well with [name]Aden[/name]
Alisandra [name]Cathryn[/name]- not my fave
Seaone- no

I like:

Truen ([name]Tru[/name])
[name]Poet[/name] for a girl
[name]Jaxon[/name] (my maiden name is [name]Jackson[/name], but I don’t really like either [name]Jackson[/name] or [name]Jaxon[/name]) our youngest daughter would have been [name]Jaxen[/name] if a boy

[name]Anya[/name] my niece’s name, she’s such a doll!

Jetzabet I’ve never heard that one

Alisandra [name]Cathryn[/name] (combination family name - Grandma [name]Alice[/name], Mom [name]Lisa[/name], Aunt [name]Sandra[/name], Grandma [name]Catherine[/name]) My favorite, I love family namesakes!
Seaone (“Sey-ah-oh-ney”) wasn’t this a guy on the biggest loser?