Heroine Name- Dystopic Novel

Hey guys,

I’m writing a futuristic, dystopic novel, and would love some name suggestions for the lead female/heroine. She’s going to be born this year (2012) but the novel would be set in 2030. Right now I’m leaing towards Kayva, [name]Eryn[/name], Ariell.
I would also love some help choosing the male leads name, I have [name]Liam[/name], [name]Rowan[/name], or [name]Milo[/name].


Hmm, I have the slightest feeling, if she has a brother… his name will be either [name]Jacob[/name] or [name]Aiden[/name]. Well:


Yeah, Pepperingram’s was better. xD

and I do like [name]Jacob[/name] for her brother’s name…might spell it [name]Jacobb[/name] though, just because that looks more futuristic to me :slight_smile:

oo! i like all of those! now i have too many to pick from haha…thanks!