He's here... Finally!

Our not so little baby boy arrived 12 days late on [name]Sunday[/name], [name]March[/name] 18 at 1:35 PM and shocked us all by weighing in at an impressive 10lbs and 23 inches! Once again, all the names on our short list just didn’t seem to fit, so after four days of getting to know him and going back to our other lists and books, we finally settled on his name (much to the relief of our family and friends who can’t stand how long we make them wait to name our babies, ha!) So, introducing:

[name]Harrison[/name] [name]Luc[/name] [name]Walter[/name] :slight_smile:

Big brother is [name]Duncan[/name] [name]Henry[/name] O’[name]Keeffe[/name]. All their middles are family names and we couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks to everyone who helped, although this little guy had his own plans for his name. It really fits him perfectly and we just can’t wait to get him home.

Congratulations! [name]Harrison[/name] [name]Luc[/name] [name]Walter[/name] is a very handsome name, and [name]Duncan[/name] and [name]Harrison[/name] are very dashing together! Congratulations on your second son, and all the best to your family!

Congrats on the safe arrival of your big bouncing baby boy, [name]Harrison[/name] [name]Luc[/name] [name]Walter[/name]. [name]Duncan[/name] and [name]Harrison[/name] are wonderful siblings!

I love [name]Harrison[/name] and [name]Duncan[/name]! Congratulations to all of you.

Congratulations! The combos [name]Duncan[/name] [name]Henry[/name] O’[name]Keeffe[/name] and [name]Harrison[/name] [name]Luc[/name] [name]Walter[/name] are great. Best wishes!

[name]Love[/name] his name, congratulations!


My firstborn didn’t “like” the mn we had picked out beforehand, either! Congratulations on working it through until you found the right combination; congratulations on a great name; and congratulations on another son!

Congratulations! [name]Harrison[/name] and [name]Duncan[/name] are perfect together:)