keiley, you’re about to become a classical studies teacher? Brava!

I also applaud your taste in classical names. Personally, I prefer the form “Hespera” over “Hesperia” – but they’re both lovely.

I must recommend a book to you that’s a GREAT source for feminine classical names: Women of Classical Mythology: A Biographical Dictionary, compiled by [name]Robert[/name] E. [name]Bell[/name]. It’s one of my favorite classical name sources.

– [name]Nephele[/name]

Never heard the name - though I did read a story with a character named Hesper and wondered “Where did that come from?” I never drew a connection with the Hesperides.

Interesting, and I’ll always be the one to encourage an interesting name. It’s not one of the “classic” names by a long shot, but it is classic[name]AL[/name]. I just hope it’s said like it looks.

I really love Evarne and Hesper! However Hesperia reminds me of despair. Not the best connotation, but I like the creative aspects that reflect your love in life!