So hubby suggested a name to me a week or two ago that i actually like considering i had never herd it before and cant find any info on it. Koalie. WDYT? Does it sound to childish or to made up? It’'s actually a family name on his side oddly enough but i really like it with the nn Koa. Im sort of put off by what other people will say (such as my mother is we had a daughter named koalie) soo i figured it best to ask here. so honestly wdy all think?

It looks like Koala, sorry!

It could grow on me, after awhile, but I just can’t get the image of a koala bear out of my mind so I don’t know how far this name would go into adulthood (maybe just because I keep thinking of a cute, cuddly koala!)

haha i figured that would be the general thought. thats what im worried about. it being a very cutesy name for koala. btw its pronounced ko-a-lee incase there were problems with that. Thanks for the imput!


Definitely a koala. I would probably laugh if I came across somebody with that name.

It sounds kind of cuddly, but it wouldn’t make a good name for an adult or even a teenager.

Is it pronounced different than Koala (with a last second substitute to ee at the end)? I think that’s kind of your decision if you want people to think that her name is after the Australian creature who eats eucalyptus. [name]Even[/name] if the stress isn’t on the same syllables, this name seems kind of unusually similar. Koa by itself is ok (sort of). I also think of Ko-lee, [name]Collie[/name], Coolie, a bunch of different ways to read the name, none of which give me a positive feeling. I found a Koalie on the internet - many spots for her, but her real name is [name]Coralie[/name] Mercier. [name]Coralie[/name]: I think we can get on board with it. There are a few others but not as easy to figure out where they got their name or how they feel about it. At least we know one who in particular has a name “to fall back on” but doesn’t prefer to use it, however she got her nickname. I think Koalie is kind of weird, but even looking over the few people on the internet, it makes me feel like it’s not as cruel as I originally thought. I also wanted to add - I have family names I wouldn’t want as my first name or that of a child, and some not even in the middle or anywhere near them. Awkward names, even if they are meaningful to you, may not be received well by the bearer as their first name.

I actually know more than one person who used this name to refer to a stuffed koala bear . . .

There is something pretty about the softness of all those vowels, though. [name]How[/name] about:


I agree. The vowels have a great sound.

I would add Renoa or [name]Naroa[/name] to that list.

My first thought is koala too, sorry, but you could use it as middle name?!

Haha see thats why i asked cause i thought of Koala too. Me and DH decided against it and to go with [name]Alice[/name]:slight_smile: Haha so drastically diffrent. But im happy with the choice:) Thanks for all the oppions!