Holly Sydney. What do you think?

I have two daughters, [name]Gracie[/name] [name]Donna[/name] and [name]Annalise[/name] [name]Eloise[/name]. Does [name]Holly[/name] [name]Sydney[/name] fit with these names?

I think [name]Holly[/name] sounds good with your other daughters’ names, but [name]Holly[/name] [name]Sydney[/name] sounds kind of awkward because both the first and middle names have the same ending. If you’re picking [name]Holly[/name] because your baby will be born in the winter, you might want to consider [name]Noel[/name]/[name]Noelle[/name], [name]Neve[/name]/[name]Neva[/name], and [name]Nixie[/name]. [name]Do[/name] you like [name]Sydney[/name] [name]Hollis[/name]??