I was wondering if anybody has heard this name or knows what it means? I knew a little girl with this name, and just fell in love with it! I’ve never heard anyone else use it or seen on any websites…

Has anyone else heard of it??

I’ve never heard this, but I like it a lot!
Ya, the only thing that bothers me a little bit is the spelling, but i don’t know how else you’d spell it…

It’s likely made up of [name]Holly[/name] and a lyn suffix so it might sort of be [name]Holland[/name] but not exactly and not [name]Holly[/name] either. It’s completely made up but it’s not really too bad of a stretch. I prefer [name]Holly[/name] despite it seeming dated. Hollyn will seem dated too, it resembles a [name]Caden[/name]-[name]Jayden[/name] kind of sound, sort of played with the name [name]Holly[/name] instead. I don’t know what that n is doing there, makes it sound like a fake unisex sort of name where [name]Holly[/name] is both dated and kind of delicate and girly girl. At a bit of a weak and unsubstantiated guess, it might be someone’s surname.

I love that name! It is in my baby name book, and it says it is a form of Hollyann. [name]Holly[/name] means “holly tree” and [name]Ann[/name] means gracious…That was actually on my list because I like the name [name]Holly[/name] but can’t use it because my last name ends with the “ee” sound, so it doesn’t go. So I liked Hollyn, Hollyann, [name]Holland[/name], and [name]Hollis[/name]!

I also love Hollyn! In my baby name book it says it’s “American”, which I’m sure translates to “made up”. However in my opinion I think it seems like a variation of [name]Holland[/name], which I also love. I feel Hollyn is a little softer and more feminine than [name]Holland[/name].

I’m pretty sure it is a made up, so to speak, version of [name]Holly[/name] with the -lyn suffix. Personally, I prefer [name]Holly[/name], but if you like it then the only problems I can really see are it being mistaken for [name]Holland[/name].