Honoring an Annemarie

[name]Hi[/name] all, my husband and I are expecting a daughter. We would really like to name her after his mom and my mother in law, [name]Annemarie[/name], who also went by [name]Maria[/name]. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas besides [name]Rosemarie[/name], which is our current pick :slight_smile: We are French/Italian and would really like a name that reflects that. Thanks so much!

Well, I adore [name]Rosemarie[/name], first off.

Now, others :

[name]Anne[/name] variants :
[name]Anna[/name] - used all over the world
[name]Annabelle[/name]/a - [name]Annabelle[/name] is French, [name]Bella[/name] is iconicly Italian
[name]Annette[/name] - French
[name]Hannah[/name] - also used in [name]France[/name]
[name]Ninon[/name] - French [name]Anne[/name] diminutive
[name]Rosanne[/name]/a - [name]Rosanna[/name] is Italian
[name]Roxanne[/name]/a - [name]Roxanne[/name] is also used in [name]France[/name].

[name]Marie[/name] variants :
[name]Maia[/name] (MY-a)
[name]Manon[/name] - French diminutive
[name]Marie[/name] - also used in [name]France[/name]
[name]Marielle[/name]/a - [name]Marielle[/name] is French, [name]Mariella[/name] is Italian
[name]Mariette[/name]/a - [name]Mariette[/name] is French, [name]Marietta[/name] is Italian
[name]Marina[/name] - Italian
[name]Marisa[/name]/e - [name]Marisa[/name] is Italian, [name]Marise[/name] is French

Good luck! [name]Auburn[/name]

[name]Hi[/name] [name]Auburn[/name]! Thank you so much for replying :slight_smile: We really like these:



I also tried searching for similar names using this site’s search engine, and I found a few more we like :slight_smile:


Again, thank you so much for your help… now we just have to narrow it down some :slight_smile:

[name]Hi[/name] again, everyone :slight_smile: My hubby and I have been working on our list, some, narrowing it down and the like. We were wondering if we could get some feedback on the following :slight_smile:


Our last name is very French sounding, three syllables and eight letters long. Thanks all :slight_smile: