Hospital Bag Must-Haves?

That’s crazy! I feel like a hospital gown for labor is bare minimum basic protocol, I’ve never ever heard a hospital recommend you bring your own laboring clothes. In fact, our hospital preferred us not to have our own so that they knew it had been cleaned, and so that they had access to everything they needed for IV’s, emergencies etc. I am actually amazed a hospital would suggest that.

And tissues? Most waiting rooms provide tissues. I thought our hospital was pretty basic in what they provided. I am genuinely flabbergasted.

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Yikes! Id probably bring your own toilet paper as well. It’s very peculiar to me that a hospital is unable to provide that much.

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It does seem odd to me as well! [name_f]My[/name_f] mum said it might be for a comfort thing for myself though and not so much that they won’t provide it, but that I may prefer my own? [name_f]My[/name_f] sister did joke about bringing my own toilet paper though :joy:

[name_f]My[/name_f] only other thought is due to budget cuts and funding issues here - the government here has notoriously clawed back funding for a lot of healthcare and so they may not provide them for people who know they’re coming in ahead of time so that those who are admitted unexpectedly have supplies? That or they just want us to be super prepared for anything :joy:

Thankfully SIL had a delivery gown she bought that she never ended up using so I’m being gifted that, and kleenex is something my mom stockpiles just in case, so I’m prepared with both of those. This just means I’ll have to bring in a full suitcase as opposed to a duffel bag!

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I had my youngest seven years ago, but the most important thing we brought for every delivery was NON SMELLY snacks for my husband. I’m really smell sensitive and the thought of going through labor with my darling, supportive husband at my side, breathing onion breath in my face from vending machine chips was utterly appalling to me :joy:


  • pop tarts, not healthy but not smelly :grimacing:
  • tortilla chips and guacamole
  • cheese and crackers
  • etc :grin:

Someone advised me to pack all the baby outfits as sets (vest plus gro) into sandwich bags, size labelled if you’re taking more than one size. Turned out to be so useful as with my unplanned c section I was drugged up after and couldn’t get out of bed for two days, but I could direct the midwives to easily find a change of outfit when needed

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  1. A blanket, like a nice heavy one. At both hospitals I delivered at, the beds were dressed with only thin blankets (more like sheets), so you’d never get warm. With my second, I brought a crocheted blanket and it was perfect.

  2. A thick comb to squeeze in your hand during contractions. I learned about the concept of using a “labor comb” during my second pregnancy and it really helped during those last few BIG contractions.

  3. A robe. I felt a lot more normal and at ease when I changed from my hospital gown after delivery. Comfy clothes are always a must-have.

I’m a little late here but this is my list of musthaves

Comfy clothes for you. I would also get high waisted underwear just in case you have a C-section. I knew I was having a C-section but I know women who had emergency ones that weren’t prepared.

Clothes for SO

Clothes for little one. I just brought a few onesies and PJs. They get messy so bring some extras. [name_f]My[/name_f] hospital provided blankets and all that jazz. I brought some extra just in case and I did have to double swaddle my babies the one night because it was so cold.

Toiletries for you and SO I got travel shampoos body wash things like that for us.

Electronics and chargers

Car seat

And snacks. [name_f]My[/name_f] husband wasn’t provided dinner the first night because by the time we got out of recovery the cafe was closed and he couldn’t leave because I couldn’t walk to take care of the babies so he was glad we had snacks to eat.

Good luck!