Houston...we have a problem!

Okay, so here is the deal. I am in a dilemma about passing on a family name. I have always said I would pass my mother’s FN down to my firstborn daughter. My mom’s name is beautiful, and it is a family tradition(she was named after her grandmother/my great grandmother) so the name is very important to me. My mom could probably go without me passing her name down, but I like it.

So here is the problem. If our first born ends up being a boy, he will automatically get hubby’s name. HOWEVER, I’m starting to feel like maybe I should pass my mom’s name down to my 2nd daughter instead of my first one. Putting together names is such a fun part of the pregnancy process, and I don’t want to miss out on “creating” a name for my first daughter…especially if she is my first born.

Is it weird to pass on a name to a 2nd child?? I mostly hear about people passing family names down to their first born or maybe the 1st of each gender, but is it weird to pass it down to the 2nd in line? Also, I plan on having 3-4 children, and there is a good chance two will be girls because girls run heavy in my family. Then again, hubby comes from a family of all boys so it could cancel things out…idk. If we only have one daughter, then I might regret not giving her my mom’s name. However, if we have more than one daughter, then I think naming the first something “original” would be the best option. I’m torn…

What do you all think???

Thanks :slight_smile:

If using your mom’s name is important to you, then you should use it the first chance you get - the first daughter. If you choose not to use it with the first daughter, then your decision really has to be to not use it all - by that I mean that you can’t count on having another girl so not using the name when you have the chance might be the only chance you get.

If you were to have a second daughter, I don’t think it would be odd to have her carry the name down.

Also, the gender of the baby is determined by the dad, not the mom :slight_smile:

I totally agree…you can’t count on having two girls unless you are prepared to have as many kids as it takes :wink: Not to mention, sometimes things change and you don’t have as many children as you planned.

If it is important to use the name, use it the first chance you get.

If you really love her name I don’t think you should wait. Like others have said, you can’t count on have two girls, it’s a too much of a coin toss. That said, I don’t think it’s weird to skip the first and give it to the second. My mother was named after her mother, and gave her name to her third daughter (my younger sister).