How about this name?

have you heard of the name Celerie? i dont know how you pronounce it. maybe cell- er- ree or ce-layr-ree…idk…what do u think? Post what you think on the name and if you’be heard it, or how its pronounced.

I’ve never heard of it before, but just by looking at it, I’d pronounce it Cell-er-ee, exactly like “celery.”

I’ve seen Celerie before, somewhere long ago. I say it just like the vegetable: celery. Now, I’m a lover of the medieval [name]Lettice[/name], which, while the predecessor of [name]Leticia[/name], sounds like the vegetable: lettuce. So I’m not about to say eww to Celerie. :slight_smile: I say they’re in the same category, though and most people are going to say eeew! to Celerie, just as they do to my beloved [name]Lettice[/name]!

I could pronounce it like celery too. Sounds like it belongs in a salad. If i could get past that it might be pretty but I don’t think I can!!

As a teacher, I think you might be setting up your kid to be made fun of. A name that is similar, but not common is Ellory. I think this is a pretty alternative.