How can I get to the name Hallie?

I absolutely love the name [name]Hallie[/name] (rhymes with [name]Sally[/name]), but I’m worried about it having a childish/nicknamey feel. What are some ideas for more “complete” names where the nickname [name]Hallie[/name] wouldn’t be too much of a stretch?

[name]Just[/name] thought of [name]Elizabeth[/name] – too much of a jump? :smiley:

This one has always given me trouble!
Such a cute name! But I’m someone who loves a good, ‘proper’ name, and then deriving a cute nickname. I can’t stand giving nicknames as the actual name.
Therefore, old-fashioned namer that I usually am, I prefer [name]Halle[/name]. Its pronounced like [name]Hallie[/name]…[name]Halle[/name] [name]Berry[/name].
I find this the more sophisticated version of [name]Hallie[/name]. With this spelling, I don’t mind if [name]Halle[/name] stands alone as the given name.

If you like [name]Hallie[/name] as a nickname…

[name]Hallie[/name] is cute :slight_smile:

Some might be a stretch but I’m quite open to less obvious nn’s…


x abelle

[name]Thalia[/name] is PERFECT. Thank you! And thanks to everyone for the ideas :slight_smile:

[name]Thalia[/name] is pretty! [name]How[/name] about [name]Helena[/name]? I feel like that’s pretty intuitive, and I love [name]Helena[/name].