How come?

[name]How[/name] come we obsess about our childrens first and middle names flowing with their last names when our daughters will get married and it might not flow with their new last name?

Probably because a daughter will spend the first 20-something years of her life not being married, and we want the name of a daughter to sound good with her given last name.

While we can’t control what a daughter’s married name will be or how her first name will sound with that married name, we can control the sound of the full name (first + middle + last) given to her at birth, and strive to make that full name sound as beautiful as possible.

Mr. and Mrs. [name]Dix[/name] may love the name [name]Harriett[/name] (nickname [name]Harrie[/name]), but it would be ill-advised for them to make their little girl grow up with that name combo simply because they assume she’ll be getting married when she turns 25.

also, we have NO idea what that last name is… we dont know whethere they will marry someone english, french, korean… we have NO way to know how the name will sound.
and also, if say, the daughters name is [name]Taylor[/name] and she marries someone with the last name [name]Taylor[/name]… lets hope she has enough sense to keep her miaden name! ;p

Daughters don’t always get married. Sometimes when they get married they hyphenate their maiden name with their married name. Or they use their maiden name as their new middle name. I dropped my maiden name because I didn’t like it.
But whatever they do, the early part of their life is important enough to have a lovely set of names.

Thanks for your replies. I was just wondering if people realized this.

I’m married and kept my maiden name. As have 50% of my female friends.

Why assume she will change her name?