How did/will you announce your pregnancy?

Hello! There’s probably a thread like this around here somewhere but I’ve been ttc for almost four years now and just found out yesterday I’m 4 weeks and 5 days along! I know we’re supposed to wait to tell people and we will but I’m dying to come up with how I’m going to tell everyone, scouring pintrest and google for ideas.

I can’t use the classic “you’re going to be a ___!” because this will be my parents 12’th grandchild and my Father in Laws second, and I don’t want to just add an “Again!” to the end. It will be their first from me. This pregnancy has been long awaited and I want to share a special memorable moment with everyone with it so I need lots of ideas.

I told my DH by suggesting we go fishing when he got off work and then stuck the positive test with the hook and dangled it above the water when he went to get more bait so that when he came back to reel in the line to put new bait on he found it.

I got grandma and grandpa mugs that look close to my moms favorite Mommy mug she had when I was growing up and I plan to get them out to dinner at a restuarant and have the waiter serve thier drinks in them.

I was wondering what ways ya’ll or anyone you know have anounced a pregnancy or plan to anounce one?

Depending on when we get pregnant, my dad’s birthday might fall right around when we’d tell family. If so, we’re going to get him a “[name_f]Happy[/name_f] Birthday, Grandpa!” birthday card and see if he notices. :slight_smile:

With my husband, the first time I gave him a gift when he got home from work. It was a onesie that said “I have the Coolest Dad [name_u]Ever[/name_u]” and a positive pregnancy test. It was close to my mom’s birthday, and she loves wine and bedazzled shirts with a wine theme so I gave her a new t-shirt that said “Grandma’s sippy cup” and a wine glass bedazzled on it. Unfortunately, we lost that pregnancy so the next time was a bit more anti-climatic. I just kind of said “so I’m pregnant and it seems to be sticking so far.” It did, and I have an amazing son. I just recently lost another pregnancy. When I found out that I was expecting, I put a a t-shirt on my son that said “promoted to big brother” for my husband. We hadn’t told anyone else yet because I was afraid. Next time, not sure what I’ll do.

I found out the morning of our 2nd anniversary, and I was planning on making a card for my husband anyway that day while he was at work, so I added in on the card that we were going to love “out little [name_f]April[/name_f] surprise” and he got it right away. For our parents, I am making two quilts right now, one for my parents with our family tree on it and a little blank leaf underneath my name and my husbands, and then the same for my in-laws with their family tree on it. I have my parents all sewn and the batting ready, but I just have the background design pinned together for my in-laws right now and all the leaves cut, still have to embroider 51 names on some leaves and sew it all together. I’m trying to get them done around the same time so that I can give them out one day after the other (also, my mother-in-law has been guessing ever since I first found out and won’t leave me alone about it).

We didn’t do any sort of special announcement or gift. We called our parents and grandmothers on [name_m]New[/name_m] Year’s [name_f]Eve[/name_f] and told them over the phone and they were all delighted.

We send out Chinese [name_m]New[/name_m] Year’s cards in lieu of holiday cards during the holiday season, so we used those as an opportunity to share with close family and friends that we were excited to be expecting a baby this year.

[name_m]Even[/name_m] though I’m due this week, we STILL have not made a social media announcement. I didn’t struggle with fertility at all, but I know that so many people have mixed emotions when they see pregnant friends bragging throughout a whole pregnancy about their special baby being the size of an orange or whatever. I wanted to be sensitive and I want people to be genuinely happy for us, so we decided we would announce on Facebook with a single picture of our baby a few weeks after the birth. This means that the majority of people we know have no idea I’m pregnant, let alone 39 weeks. But we felt comfortable knowing that the people who reached out to us personally during these past 9 months would be the ones we wanted to know right away anyway.

Best of luck with your sticky bun!

We found out on my husband’s birthday, so I just wrapped up a onesie as part of his gift.

As for everyone else, we just told our friends and family because we had to cancel an international trip at the last minute because I had such terrible morning sickness, so it was easier to just tell everyone than to try and plan anything big at the last minute.

For a public announcement, we just posted a picture on Facebook of our two dogs saying that they were getting a little sister in [name_u]December[/name_u], but we haven’t mentioned or discussed the pregnancy beyond that.

I found out on the morning of a planned OB/GYN appointment and a week before a scheduled fertility appointment (talk about timing).

I only took the test because I had the OB/GYN appointment, and saw the stick in the drawer in the bathroom that morning, and thought ‘why not?’. I actually thought my cycle was still a few days away (irregular cycles), so had no reason to think I was pregnant… turns out it was the one month I actually had a 28 day cycle, so by the time I tested, I was already late and just didn’t know it.

Anyway, my husband was still in bed when I took the test, so I went running into the bedroom and stood at the side of the bed crying and all I could say was ‘Holy Crap… Holy crap’. He looked at me like ‘What?’ and saw the test in my hand and just said ‘Give it to me’. I handed him the stick, and he reached out and hugged me and we cried!!

I went to my appointment and took the test with me in a zip lock bag to show my OB/GYN. She was thrilled for us knowing all our battles up until this point. That day after my appointment I just went to my parents house, and while talking to my Mum, said ‘So this happened today’ and handed her the test. She jumped around her kitchen like a crazy person and was so happy. We phoned my husbands parents a few days later to tell them (they live in another city).

We waited until the 3 month mark to make an official FB announcement. We took a photo of my cradling my tummy and photoshopped our ultrasound pic into the place in my tummy where bub would be. All we wrote was [name_m]EDD[/name_m] [name_u]JANUARY[/name_u] 11, 2018.

We did tell a select few close friends prior to this announcement though. I’ll be Twenty weeks this Thursday, with our darling baby boy, and so far things are going smoothly.

We told my parents on my mom’s birthday, so instead of a cake that said “[name_f]Happy[/name_f] Birthday” it said “We’re having a baby!” It was a lot of fun and they were excited!

We’ve been TTC for well over a year and a half now and have given this some thought. Honestly, neither of us have huge plans for announcing any pregnancy we have. I will likely just tell my husband straight off the bat. We work nights, so he is usually asleep when I test. I’d probably just wait till he wakes up to tell him…if I feel particularly up to it, I do have a children’s book called Daddy and Me, or something like that…I could write a note and tell him he can read it to our child, but he doesn’t really like to read…so it wouldn’t be too meaningful.

For our parents, we truly don’t want to even tell them at all. We’re thinking text messages…or maybe phone calls. We don’t want to tell other relatives…it’s just too awkward and we aren’t close enough to anyone to even feel remotely comfortable calling them…so hopefully word just trickles through the grapevine. I’m not too held up on it.

For social media, we are almost 100% sure we will not be posting any announcement. Infertility sucks, but the thing that sucks worse is scrolling through Facebook and seeing what feels like a million pregnancy announcements. Out of respect and love for others struggling, we won’t make a huge deal about it on social media. It’s not anyone’s business, anyhow. Those who matter will be told.

I’m trying to remember how others I know announced their pregnancies. One girl wrote the news in tiny letters on a plate and “baked it” (cured it?), then served dinner so that everyone would see the news when they finished their meals. Many others I know post sonogram images. I don’t know. I’m sure Google can provide more help than me lol.

Our immediate families new we were TTC for over a year so they were the first to find out. We surprised my mom and brothers at her house 4 hours away and I brought a kids book “babysitting grandma” or something like that. DH’s mom happened to be visiting from FL so I wore a shirt I had customized that said “all because two people fell in love” with baby footprints on my tummy and we waited for her to notice. Our grandparents got calls around 8 weeks after we either heard or saw the heartbeat.

Around the 3 months mark we posted to FB a pic of a Scrabble board spelling out new addition coming [name_f]October[/name_f] since we love games. While I agree that sometimes seeing announcements can be upsetting to those struggling, I only have close friends and family on FB so they would want to know anyways. Plus, we had waited so long that we wanted to celebrate our final success!

@namergirl13 I forgot that I bought a plate and paint to tell DH last time because I ended up doing a scavenger hunt for him. Now I know how I’ll tell him when I get a BFP. Thanks for reminding me!

I gave my husband a book called, “Dude you’re gonna be a Dad (how to get you and you partner through the next 9 months)”. its a pregnancy book for guys, so I thought it was appropriate. I gave everyone else bracelets that said “Grandma”, “[name_f]Nana[/name_f]”, and “Aunt”, but it would be the first on my side and second on his. I’m not sure how I’ll do it this time. my public announcement will be our shoes with a pair of baby shoes and the due date. I might see about doing a second for my husband to post.

Concerning Social [name_f]Media[/name_f] I don’t have anyone I’m not close to or family with on social media either so damn right I’ll brag about finally achieving pregnancy. But to each their own.

I’ve been ttc for years and you can bet your pants I’m going to share my happiness and be excited, and while I understand and am empathetic to how it can feel like a grain of salt in a wound for people struggling to concieve when they constantly see happy news and updates about babies I also know they can easily block or unfollow people in their feed if it bothers them that much. They can take a step back from social media and socializing with other ttc or expecting couples until they are in a better emotional space.

I never once let my jealousy or bitterness wish for other people to not celebrate their happiness and someone elses isn’t going to stop me. Being the only one around me at not concieving hurt at times but it gave me hope to one day have those baby showers and sex reveal parties of my own, to post and revel in pictures and updates and have people give me congratulations. I don’t think anyone should ever stifle their excitement for bringing life into the world, though I understand for those couples who want to keep the experience as a intimate and personal. I will be waiting until Thanksgiving to tell social media about our [name_f]April[/name_f] baby though.

We’ve decided to tell our parents early so they can help us through the beginning of the pregnancy and we can have support if something does go wrong.

For my DH’s dad we decided to tell him when we go to his house to watch the season finale episode of Game Of Thrones together (something we do every new episode) and I’ll be wearing a shirt that says “That’s what I do, I don’t drink and I Grow Things.” and we’ll claim we got something for the finale and give him a little gift with a card that says “An Heir is Coming [name_f]April[/name_f] 2018” with the positive test and a onesie that says “[name_u]Baby[/name_u] of House [LN]” in the show’s font.

Then later when we tell siblings and other relatives we’ll send crackable eggs from the Stork with the news for the siblings and great grandma who live distantly, a “Big Cousin” shirt to the nephew on my in laws side. I’ll also make something for my [name_m]SIL[/name_m] that says “B.A.E: Best Aunt [name_u]Ever[/name_u]” and a for my brother and his family I’ll invite them over for a usual pizza and a movie night and for dessert bring out a cake that says “I’m Pregnant!” and see who notices first. And as for distant relatrives I see once or twice a year I’ll wait for the annual family thanksgiving and wear a maternity shirt that gives it away.

I hope to record all the reactions.

It sounds like the comments of those of us who mentioned the social media/infertility sensitivity thing have upset you. I’m sorry, if so! I don’t believe that was anyone’s intention. It just seems like a few of us have that feeling towards it, for our own situations, for various reasons. As you said, to each their own! I really do agree that no one should have to stifle their excitement or tip toe around just because they may hurt someone else’s feelings. It’s just, personally, I’m not really comfortable with the idea of my husband and I posting some huge announcement…we are just sensitive to things like that and I know for a fact that many couples on each of our Facebooks are actively struggling with infertility…some of them we met through our own infertility struggle! But who knows…last night, my husband brought up that he doesn’t want to be so hidden about it (we both have relatives across the country and use social media to keep in contact with each other), so maybe we will privately discuss any pregnancy news with those who we know are struggling before mentioning it…even if we don’t do an announcement, maybe we won’t try so actively to hide it. Sorry for the book, lol. I just wanted to clear that up! No hard feelings :slight_smile: by the way, I think you have come up with some very creative ways and I’m sure that the videos of the reactions will be sweet to look back on over time! :slight_smile:

We’re planning to tell our parents next week when I will be 13 weeks along. I have had 2 previous losses so we wanted to make sure this one was going to stick around before getting our families excited. I don’t think I will announce online for awhile longer- probably not until we know the gender.

My husband was waiting in the other room whilst I did the pregnancy test so I couldn’t surprise him. Both of our parents already have a few grandkids so I get what you mean.

But we told his parents when they were visiting us and we asked his mum and dad if they would mind nipping to the shops to pick some stuff up; we left a list on the fridge, on the list where stuff like heartburn medicine, pickles, olives and pickled eggs, crisps and lemons(y’know all the stuff you randomly crave) and then at the end I put to pick up some newborn nappies and I put in brackets “we will be needing them in about 7 months”. We were waiting outside and we heard her shouting for my FIL and then ringing us on our mobile before we came in.

With my mum and dad I asked what they would recommend for terrible heartburn, nausea in the mornings and food aversions; my mum was a midwife and my dad was a GP. Safe to say they caught on pretty quickly.

The biggest person to tell for me was my granny, she is quite ill and probably won’t see get to meet our twins. I brought her a bouquet of flowers and told her that I was pregnant and then I went back a few weeks later and told her it was twins, she was over the moon. She started knitting and crocheting little white and yellow hats and cardigans so when I found out the genders I took in a pink ball of wool and a blue one and told her she might need them for her great-grandkids. So far she is the only one apart from me and DH who knows the genders and is sworn to secrecy.

With my second child…

We had planned on going to the in-laws that evening. I took 3 tests that morning, out of sheer shock (my son was only 7 months old).

So we were outside the in-laws house, talking with them & the neighbors. (I have no idea why someone would ask this when your baby is only 7 months old,) but the neighbor asked when we were going to have another one. I said “[name_f]September[/name_f]”, & the look on my mother-in-law’s face was PRICELESS!

Its a great memory.

AW, your sweet granny! What a great way to tell her! I’m sorry she might not get to meet them, but I’m sure you have given her incredible joy!

My sis and I went to our grandparents house when she found out she was pregnant with her first. (I had recently had gallbladder surgery) My sis put her ultrasound pic on their table & walked away. Grandma said "Is this your gallbladder? " I said “No, and I don’t think gallbladders have a face”. She squealed " your pregnant! ", so I said “that’s not mine”. They hugged my smiling sis & were thrilled!