How Do I Delete Old Likes?

There are certain posts that I liked a few weeks ago that I wanted to unlike. I tried to click on the unlike button, but it wouldn’t work on any of those posts. I also liked another post yesterday, to see if this was only the case for those few posts, and I can no longer unlike those posts either.

How would I unlike posts that I liked a while before?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @nvrsobr,

There is an automatic 10 minute grace period on undoing actions, such as liking or flagging. After this 10 minutes is up, you are no longer able to amend an action.

I don’t want to completely remove this limit because fluctuations in the number of likes, etc. will mess with other settings, such as the badge system, and it’s generally not necessary or beneficial to the discussion to retrospectively edit reactions to posts.

However, if there is a specific post that you very strongly want to unlike, I can temporarily disable the limit to allow you to go back and do this on this occasion. If you like this post or type a brief reply so I know you’re online, I will do this for you.

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Thank you so much for the prompt reply, @katinka.

I don’t think it’s necessary for me to unlike it, but thanks so much for the offer! And thank you for the information on the grace period as well.

No worries. I confess I had to look it up! I’m still learning too :wink:

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