How do initials work with so many middle names?

So a question I have, if you give your child two (or three!) middle names, to they have to legally list all the initials when they are signing paperwork or driver’s license etc? Or do you just take the first initial of the first middle name?

[name]Just[/name] curious!

I was wondering this, too! What about monogramming? I’m from the South, and it’s huge here.

You could look at this - The only one I actually like is the “modern” #6, but I like a monogram as much as the next person, so I’d probably keep names to just one middle for this reason!

[name]Lemon[/name] :slight_smile:

[name]Lemon[/name] that is an awesome site! I also liked the comment of the one person who said you could always just use the two initials (for monograming purposes!)…as long as all the kids have different letters for first names:)

I am leaning toward using just one middle name for simplicity, and not coming across too trendy…but at the same time I have a few name combos I love…oh choices!

I have two middles and a hyphenated surname, so my initials are SMHH-L. I use all of them whenever it’s required, people make such a big deal out of names fitting onto forms. I’m disinclined to drop any of them, ever. They each have a special meaning for my and my family, and that’s more important to me than keeping inside little boxes. The only time it’s ever been a problem is when I was booking tickets online for a trip overseas, they only had enough character space for one of my middle names, and part of my surname. I just put my full name in the “further comments” box and my full name was printed on my ticket! My licence, passport, ID card for work, etc all have all my initials. From the comments section on the website lemon gave, I now see I am a yuppie, and should not bother to monogram! I could not be happier to oblige :smiley: My mother-in-law wants us to have all the programmes, menus etc for our wedding watermarked with a monogram incorporating my husband’s and my initials with our new last name, she had a ludicrously elaborate mock drawn up of a giant MFS. She hasn’t quite accepted that I have no intention of changing my name (we’re already legally married, anyway), and monograms just seem like more trouble than they’re worth!

My husband and I both have two middle names, and we gave our son two middle names, and I just always have all four of his put on in the same size font for linens, engravings, etc. I think it looks lovely to have four letters! I prefer it, in fact. Now for myself I use my first, maiden and married name as five looks silly, but I adore all of the things I have from pre-marriage with four initials.

I am a big monogram person myself, but if you [name]DON[/name]'T want all the monogram madness at your wedding, you could inform your [name]MIL[/name] that it’s not strictly appropriate to incorporate your married monogram onto stationary, decor, etc. that is introduced before you are officially married. So while a menu could be monogrammed since it appears at the reception after the vows are said, it’s not technically done on invitations, programs, etc.

Many people blow this rule off, of course, but thought it might come in handy if you are trying to put [name]MIL[/name] off. :wink: