How do you imagine the above user dresses?


Baggy trousers. Fashionable yet scruffy. Maybe beanies?

Hmmm…comfortable, rather than frilly clothing? The odd snazzy jacket and meaningful piece of jewellery. Muted colours but prone to the odd splash of colour? I imagine you like very soft fabrics and you’re not a pattern person.

Warm cardigan, button up shirt, either jeans or comfy trousers… hmm. All earthy tones.
Sneaker shoes or mary janes, a nice necklace

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Androgynous, cozy, vintage. Sweaters, button up shirts, cozy pants and shoes.

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Sweet, simply style, more like cottagecore aesthetic. Floral dresses, cardigans, flats and headpieces.


Blouses and puffy skirts.

all in black, big hoodies, baggy trousers

Flowy dresses, leggings, tights, cardigans, jumpsuits


[name_m]Black[/name_m] & white striped tees, sweatshirts, denim jackets, jeans, converse

warm coloured knitwear, ankle boots, beanie hats

Flowy, slightly boho shirts, jeans and ankle booties

Colorful sweaters, maybe a vintage shirt, jeans and tennis shoes!

Dark clothes, goth makeup, black heels

Your choice of pet names names me think of a little vintage and old school, with a splash of modern. Your vocation suggests creativity too, so perhaps you enjoy making up outfits from eclectic pieces. I’m picturing classic, clean looks with pops of colour and personalised details.

i’m going to have to say pink. lots of pink. but maybe a dull pink, but a pink/red hue is a top color. maybe yoga pants are an on going article clothing choice.

T-shirts and leggings with patterns from your favorite books, musicians, television shows, and movies, with oversized cardigans and [name_m]Doc[/name_m] [name_m]Martens[/name_m]. Also, lots of plaid dresses and fedoras.


high waisted jeans, thin cardigans, brightly coloured pull-overs, converse, knit head bands and little stud earrings

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