how do you pronounce Callum?

Is it cay-lum? or cal-lum?

Thanks berries!

I pronounce it like [name]Cal[/name]-lum.

[name]Cal[/name]-lum, with the cal like [name]Calvin[/name].

[name]Callum[/name] = KA-luhm

KA-lum/ [name]KAL[/name]-um

[name]CAL[/name]-um… I’ve actually never heard [name]KAY[/name]-lum…

I’ve heard [name]Cay[/name]-lum, I think it’s more commonly used for the [name]Calum[/name] spelling.

Otherwise [name]Cal[/name]-lum.

I pronounce it [name]Cal[/name]-um

Agree with everyone else… [name]Kal[/name]-um. [name]Kay[/name]-lum sounds too feminine to me. I know someone who has a son named Caelum and that’s how I’m guessing it’s pronounced (I’ve only seen it written).

I say [name]Cal[/name]-um, too.

[name]Cal[/name]-lum. Nice name.

I say [name]Cal[/name]-um, the first syllable like [name]Calvin[/name].

[name]Kay[/name]-lum sounds a tad girly to me…so [name]Cal[/name]-um is how I’d pronounce it…