How do you pronounce Elodie?

I think it’s meant to rhyme with [name]Melody[/name]. I rather like the sound of E-low-dee…anyone else?

I like it rhyming with [name]Melody[/name]…

I pronounce it as rhyming with [name]Melody[/name], and I think it’s pretty with that pronounciation.

I pronounce it [name]El[/name]-low-dee xx

I agree, [name]Melody[/name] without the M (I think it’s beautiful).

I pronounce it rhyming with melody, but that’s wrong; in French it’s
ay-low-[name]DEE[/name], I think.

Yes, that’s right. But in French it has an acute accent on the first E, which makes the ay sound, and I think accents would be too confusing for an English/American/Australian [name]Elodie[/name] to have to explain to people!

I’m still confused! :wink:

Would it be wrong to pronounce it “e-LOW-dee”?

No, that’s actually closer to the real pronunciation than pronouncing it rhyming with [name]Melody[/name]. I really love [name]Elodie[/name], with either pronunciation!

I would consider “[name]El[/name]-low-dee” the best pronunciation. (which I also feel rhymes with [name]Melody[/name]).

Yes, for an English speaker, it’s [name]Melody[/name] without the M