How do you pronounce Ragnar?

I’m just curious how people pronounce [name]Ragnar[/name].

Pretty much how it’s spelled, and more like Ragner when talking quickly. I could deal with something strange going on with the g, though, like [name]Ran[/name]-yar or something, if I was corrected to that. I can imagine the first syl should probably be more Rahg then rag like a dishrag, but even knowing that, and speaking languages where that’s the normal prn, my English-dominant brain would kind of want to default to rag…

Oh PS I’ll add that I love the name : D. Bolder than what I’d personally use but I’d love to meet one!

Thanks! I have been saying it rag-nar (yes a bit like dishrag), but then I found a source that said it was RAHJ-nar (

Huh. I can’t imagine Rahj-nar. I wonder if that website is using j to mean y? I mentioned all that because in Swedish and probably other Scandinavian languages funny things start happening with the g, but it’s not really like a j, it’s sort of more like a y (if you’re a Spanish speaker I realize this is probably extra hilarious since those are more interchangeable in Spanish : D - maybe they are in Swedish too but what I hear is more like a y) - like Rah-ynyar almost or something (the y is just super-merged with the n). In [name]German[/name] the g would be more like a k, like Rahk-nar, kind of.

Ha ha about your 8 year olds reaction : D. Yeah, I can see how that would be a risk the name would run particularly in grade school.

I believe it’s related to [name]Rainer[/name], [name]Reiner[/name], [name]Rainier[/name], [name]Raynard[/name], Ranardo and the like? Maybe one of those is a little less raggy? I particularly like [name]Rainer[/name] for the connection to the poet, [name]Rainer[/name] [name]Maria[/name] Rilke…still not the easiest name to pull off but maybe more than [name]Ragnar[/name] : D.

I pronunce it with a like this: but I’m European, so… But since this is so Scandinavic I’d always pronounce it like this.

Edited for privacy.

Edited for privacy.